Monday, October 26, 2009

Bariatric Surgery - Finally!

Cayey, PR

Have you miss me? I have been with my dad in his house where there's NO INTERNET!!!! *gasp* The last week I found a Technology Center and I was able to use the net for limited time but not for blogging.

Anyway, apart of visiting my dad I was starting something very important in my life. A few of you know already and the support is incredible, including husband's! But because now is for sure I'll start talking about it. Early next year I'll have bariatric surgery. I spent around 2 years making research and consulting with my doctors and finally we took the step to go and ask for a consultation. On the 14th was the evaluation. The doctor is really nice and she talked honestly and in details about the 2 surgeries and the pros and cons of each one for my condition. We agreed that the Realize band is the best for me. It's less invasive than the bypass, the weight loss is slower and I won't have to take as much supplements as the other. Plus the recovery time is much less. The surgery will be around February or March.

Meanwhile I will be visiting a battery of doctors (I think all the "ologists"): cardiologist, pneumologist, internist, nutritionist, psychiatrist and hematologist. The hematologist is the most important right now because of my coagulation disorder. The doctor told me that probably I will have to need a small surgery to place a "filter" on my Cava Vein (the main vein that brings the blood to the heart). I have had 3 DVTs Deep Vein Thrombophlebitis) and they need to avoid at all cost another one or could be fatal. So from now on I will have to visit my dad often. At least I'm the one that has the "best" relationship with him and thou we discuss a lot (I think it's just because he's getting the senior's manias) he likes that I stay in his house.

Oh, did I mention that I have to loose 30 pounds before the surgery? Ugh! This will be the fire test. I have never been able to loose more than 15 pounds under doctor supervision. But because now I'm motivated because of the surgery I think I'll accomplish it. No, I won't do any silly diet. I'll be visiting a nutritionist and will follow her directions. Also, now that the pains are diminishing considerably I'll try to use the bike at least 5 minutes daily or as my body stands the pain and discomfort.

What about hubby? I have been talking with hubby about all this and he agrees with me. It's all for my health. He says that he will be patient and will be praying a lot for me and the doctors. He's happy and he keeps joking that he will have a new wife when I returns to Egypt. The new wife been the new me. lol

Well, these are the news for now. I took like 200 photos while at dad's and I need to upload them and then blog about them and also have to update my tatting stuff and the over 3000 e-mails that I have without reading! Ugh! But most of them are trash anyway.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stormy day

Well it's not raining per se. In fact is a pretty sunny day with a temperature above 90 degrees! It's just that it started in a wrong way.

I haven't blog in awhile because my lil sister Naida was here for 10 days and I was enjoying her company. She at last, has grow up and mature. Got married, civil, and later in April will be the wedding ceremony. She's finishing her certificates in phlebotomy and practical nursing and is looking forward to start a family with his husband. It has been a 360 degree change from a couple of years were she used to cut herself and abhorred the idea of marriage. Thank God for her change! Here is a photo of the happy couple.

Eric never smiles, but Naida smiles for him. She is showing her gorgeous ring that have a pink zirconium in a heart shape between two white zirconiums, also heart shaped. Lovely ring!!!

Anyway, so this morning I finished reading the 2nd book of Harry Potter that I start like 2 years ago and never finished it. And went to pick up the 3rd one that is over the tall computer desk and a lamp fell down. I never imagined that a small light bulb can smithereens into million pieces and spread over a whole 10x10 room. So I had to sweep the floor and that is something I really can do because of my back. So after spending like 30 minutes sweeping the million pieces of glass I had energy enough to prepare a big glass of iced tea, place a Gloria Trevi's DVD ( Mexican singer) and "flop" on the floor. So I won't stand up from the floor until is time to cook dinner.

Meanwhile I'll be singing and probably tatting. Here is a video of Gloria Trevi. I love her because she's wild and a rebel. Just like my lil poor heart. lol This was when she started in the 80's. But has been her greatest hit. She's singing about having the hair wild and that she doesn't care about the society rules.

BTW... The butterfly on the beginning of the post is one that I made a few days ago. The pattern is by Marilee Rockley and it's on her book "Tatting Boutique". I made it using a HDT called "Vibrato" also from Marilee. The are glass beads in shades of purple and peacock blue.


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