Monday, August 31, 2009

Resplandecent Star

I haven't design in awhile but I need to make something special for the Online Frivolite Class that was about working with buttons and sequins. So I came with a "lighter" version of another star I made for my Frivolite newsletter. I really love this one. It sparkles a lot more than the photo shows. Mom also love it and want to decorate her Xmas tree with these. I think this time I'll make her the set because she separate the silver sequins from the big mess bag of sequins. lol The pattern for this one is already posted in Spanish on the website if you want to get it right now. But if you want to wait to get it in English it will be post on my site later.

Estrella Resplandeciente

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Inspiration

You know by now that I love to play with beads and since I'm buying mine from Foxy Findings I'm getting more motivated to play with them. Last time I got these delicious chocolate color beads and I couldn't resist making this pin with them. The thread is a C-lon in a light mocha color and with the beads looks awesome. The pattern is from Free Tatting Patterns. I made a mistake (oops, I mean variation) on the pattern and it curves a little. I'll do another one during the week.

Also I got to play with Jane's Multibeaded Earring and I love it!!! I used for this one Cebelia #20 but I find the thread too soft for jewelry.

I'm hooked on the beads I got last week that I ordered a few strands of 4, 6 and 8mm bicones in a lot of yummy colors. Anyway will need to buy more beads soon because my youngest sister will get married and she wants me to make her party favors and probably her tiara and bouquet. Isn't it sweet that she asked me? :-) We don't know yet if she's getting married this December or next one. So just in case I'm preparing myself to tat, tat and tat some more.

You know?... You can help me too. I'm participating in Facebook in a contest and the prize is a $50 certificate from Foxy Findings. Just need to go to to this link and like my post of Needles-N-Shuttles:Inspiration. You have to be a fan of FoxyFindings to be able to "Like".

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lovely pack!

In my Spanish-speaking group we're doing a thread exchange and I got mine already. Wow! This came from Venezuela, from Maria Montilla. She not only sent me the thread's samples but she made 3 shuttles and wrapped the thread on them. The thread on the yellow shuttle is a Colombian thread, kinda like a #20. The thread on the white shuttle is a Coats like a perle #5. and the purple shuttle has a Colombian/Venezuela thread like a #30. Really lovely the postcards that she also included. Can't wait to use the threads. But for now I'm just taking a rest from tatting *sob* because I have a dental infection and need to take painkillers every 4 hours so I sleep most of the day and the rest just feel like a zombie. Yesterday I only made 3 repetitions of a very simple collar. What would have taken me only minutes took like an hour. Oh well... At least looking at the pretty shuttles make my day a brighter one. Thanks Maria!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Last night was a painful and awful one because I had to go to the hospital for a Polysomnography (Sleep Disorder Studio). Gosh, they put cables everywhere and I sleep mostly on my stomach and for the test I had to sleep on my back. Then my right arm started to hurt as hell. So when I arrived home I couldn't do nothing but sleep a nap. *pft* A 6 hours nap! lol When I woke up mom arrived from work and brought me a little package. Inside was an order from Foxy Findings. Gorgeous! This made my day a better one. I got 2 strands of 16" of 8mm pearls and 2 tubes of 11 seed beads (chocolate and holiday red), the wedding ice tube was a prize I won from a Twitter Contest. If you have Twitter follow FoxyFindings. It's well worth! I have won already 3 prizes, this is the 1st one in arrive.

So after my brain was well awake I was inspired to do this. It's a small pendant with a pearl surrounded by red beads. Isn't it cool?

I tried here to take a close up of the pearl. But my camera doesn't take macros. But I think it's pretty close to see that there are four strands of beads around the pearl. I will write the pattern tomorrow. I haven't share a pattern since my BD. So this will be at my web site later on the weekend.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I won!

Heather, aka The Tarnished Tatter, had a contest on her blog and I noticed today that I was one of the winners. I'm so excited because it's the 1st time I win a blog's contest. :-) Doing a little dance here.

The prize? A copy of her coming book "Tatted Earrings and Things". Just the hummingbirds at the cover make me all happy. They look so cute!

Thanks Heather for the contest and the prize. It was fun to guess what it was.

Flower Tassels

Last night, to empty a shuttle, I made these 3 flowers and then this morning I decided to make them tassels. I love tassels. These ones can be hang on a Xmas tree. The flower is 2 inches across and the tassel is 4 inches long. I used Altin Basak #10 with silver filament and without the filament for the center. An acrylic heart holds the tassel itself.

What uses can you give to these tassels?

The set is available at my ArtFire Studio if you are interested on it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hibiscus Cameo with Tatted Edging

Last week I ordered a few cameos from Filigree and Findings at ArtFire. Oh my! I love Cameos and that shop is like Cameo heaven! lol Got only 3 to play with them but definitively I'll order some more.

These are 40 x 30mm. But she has smaller in the shop and different themes. Mom said as soon as I opened the package that the black and white was hers. lol

So this morning I played with it and finished a brooch. The edging is a "Hen and chick" style, just one shuttle. Then I glued the small rings to the back and placed a black felt piece over. Then glued the brooch finding. I just love how it looks. So frilly and elegant! I want to order smaller ones to make chokers and bracelets, so in fashion now.

So if you want to get cameos at good prices visit Cathy at Filigree and Findings.

*Note: Not a paid ad, just a very happy customer. :-D

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tatted Girl Collar

Last week I so busy helping my mom take care of 8 children as a part of a Presbyterian Minister's Convention here in PR that I couldn't be online and much less tat, because I arrived home so tire! But this week I started in a good mood for tatting, now that my hands don't hurt too much. :-)

So I made this collar that Renesmee is modeling. She loves it! It's a pattern from a Russian booklet; but I have seen variations of it in old books. The collar was going to be only white, but when I reached the 2nd row I noticed that I didn't have enough white thread to finish it so I added pink for the chains. Then to make it even I added a round of chains around the neckline in pink. So the collar looks like it was written in that way. ;-)

I used #10 thread and the neckline measures 12 inches and it's 2.75 inches wide. It's now on my ArtFire if you want to see more photos or you if would like to have it.


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