Monday, November 23, 2009

At last I'm a Puerto Rican Lace maker!

Today dad brought me back to my home after spending last week with him. While driving to Carolina I told him if we can drive through Old San Juan (PR's capital). I love to visit Old San Juan with the colonial houses and monuments. And while in San Juan I mentioned dad to check if I can meet my friend Romulo Otero, who works on the Cultural Institute of PR. He has been helping me to get a membership as part of the Institute as a lacemaker, specially with Tatting. Well, we were able to meet with him and it was a blessing!!! He went to talk with the person in charge of approving the artisans and I was #3 on the list. But because the government fired a lot of people, they were going to start calling in January of 2010. Romulo talked with the person in charge that I was already in the office and that I got with me my work and all and she agree to see me. After a short evaluation of some work I did during my week at dad's and an interview she opened my folder and added me to the list of Artisans.

What means all this? This means that I'm a recognized Artisan by the government of PR under the category of Lacemaking. Also that I'm dedicated to the preservation of the Puerto Rican culture through my art and I can represent PR out of the island in anything related to my expertise. Also is an honor because I'm the 1st tatter on the island to get membership on the Institute. It's not easy to become an Artisan now a day. They ask for a lot of details of the work, and we must try, by all means, to use materials made in PR, which is almost impossible because now a day almost everything comes from China! But at least some of the threads can be buy here in local yarn shops. One thing they ask me was to avoid "commercial" licensed characters (Disney, Pooh, Santa Claus, etc) because they are not from PR. Anyway I don't make anything related to them because my tatting is more of an abstract and geometrical form. Also told me that though they are accepting works with beads, they want me to make them not the principal items of my work and to give more emphasis to baby dresses and stuff like that.

So, after over 2 years of trying to get into the Institute at last I was made member today! I'm just so, so happy. Alhamdulillah!!! Thanks God!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One less...

I'm supposed to weight myself on Mondays but I forgot and I weight myself today. After a week of trying to diminish the amount of food and drinking the 64 oz of water daily that's 2.5 liters!) I kept the 8 pounds I lost when I was sick plus lost another pound. Woohoo!!!

It's not much but that makes me happy. It shows that if I manage to stick to the nutritionist's program that will start next week I'll loose the 30 pounds before surgery. I think I didn't loose more because I'm not walking and we ate at Burger King and KFC this week. I know this is not good, but when in a hurry and without a lot of money that's the option you have. But even eating out I've modified my eating habits. No more "Super Size", ask for water instead of soda and no apple pie (well, just one this week lol). Kid meals are cool! I love the little plush toys and the dolls, so I'll be asking for them instead of bigger combos. That is IF we eat out.

On another note... I re-opened my Etsy shop and have over 20 great gifts; mostly under $10. Now that winter is near I'm tatting like crazy.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Needle Tatting

It's been so long that I didn't use a needle for tatting that I was thinking I must have forgotten. Well, it's like the saying "Once your ride a bike never forget". I don't know how to ride a bike but I didn't forget how to needle tat. I lost my tatting needles but I found a package of doll needles (very long needles using to make dolls) and took one of them and cut the point and then dulled it. That's the main difference of a tatting needle compared to others. They are very long and don't have a sharp point.

So I took the needle and the only appropriate thread I can use with them is the crochet #10. That's fine with me. I just made this little doodle to practice. Pretty nice, eh? I have to continue practicing, specially the tension of the chains and the size of the picots. Going to make a couple of motifs so I don't loose the skills, but this doesn't mean that I will left my shuttles in a corner. No! I love my shuttles too much.


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