Sunday, April 26, 2009

Late night tatting

Two hours ago I signed off from Twitter because I was going to sleep but I made a mistake and went to see if the new patterns from Georgia's site were up and there were!  There is the cutest butterfly paper clip bookmark by Ellen and who can resist making it?  Not me!  While I was watching SciFi channel movies (Carny and Chupacabra: Dark Sea) I made these 3.  I used LIzbeth #20 in Seashell color, which is a peach/purple thread.  Love it!!!

Now I'm really tire.  Changed Rioki's litter box and will take a shower and go night night.  Sleep well my knotty friends!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here Comes Goodbye


A powerful video by Rascal Flatts. �Prepare for a tear jerking ending. �

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My new toy

Yesterday I went out with mom to get some medical equipment fro her and me and after that I told mom I want to get a Dremel. �I have been wishing for this for a long time and now that we got a little money left I got it. �Boy, this is fun!!!

This model only came with 40 accessories, but it's a good start. �It is wireless, light weight and 10 speeds. �Came with a booklet of instructions that is almost as big as a book I'm reading now. �lol �Came with a lot of nifty ideas too. �

So after charging the battery, this morning I took the biscuits I bought last year and made these:

Aren't they cool? �I'll paint them in a few minutes. �First I have to lunch and then find the spray paint I got also last year. �Hope mom didn't use it all! �Will post the results later.

Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing


Inspite the title it makes me wanna dance. �lol

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tea time! and review

Been a little under the weather and feeling blah!  But shopping for tatting always cheers me up.  I got Martha's book a couple of days before arriving to PR and I have been drooling over it.  Not knowing what to do first.

Martha's book is called "Tea is for Tatting", a collection of teapots and cups.  There are 10 patterns using different techniques and there's even a 3-D set.  A must have book definitively!

I made my first 2 teapots.  The variegated color is a weird one.  It's called "Marble" by Lizbeth #20.  I like the thread, even before the recall (I didn't mind the extra twisting) and when I got some tatting money a couple of weeks ago I got severals, but this will be another post.  

The one on the right has a ring less and it's all crooked.  I didn't noticed the mistake until I finish it and wanted it to lok "straight".  But it's a cute teapot, kinda ike the ones you would find in Alice in Wonderland's Tea Party.  :-)  NOW I have the "Unbirthday Song" on my head!  lol  

I think the next teapot to tat will be the "famous"Antique Rose Set.  everyone is tatting that one because is so pretty!  And I found a dusty rose Opera #20 that I'll use for it and will frame the set for mom.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Book Review - Boutique Tatting

When I'm depress or anxious I'm dangerous! lol I went to an Etsy shopping spree a few days before I traveled and this week I received to packages. I got Marilee's book of tatted jewelry. I love her designs and have made them several times (the ones on her web site). The book itself is a little jewel. Plenty of photo colors to explain the patterns. I have already made 3 of the earrings patterns and I think that tonight I'll make the butterfly.

Of course I couldn't pass the opportunity to get some HDT. Smile I got some floss in the gorgeous colors of "Rose", "Corsage", "Purple Pansy" and "Blue Pansy". Marilee was very kind and sent me a hank of cordonet #80 in "Purple Pansy".

They look much better in "person" but you can have an idea of the gorgeous colors. I have not decided yet what to do with the threads. May be I'll make some flowers. Mom wants a rose for Mother's Day...
I have been tatting a lot but I haven't yet edit the photos to make them smaller. So I'll post them later. 
This week have been one of recuperation and I think next week too. Sleeping

Friday, April 10, 2009

Just a little note

Hi everyone!

I arrived safe to mom's house. I got her by surprise because I did't tell her that I was coming. lol I spent a nice day in NY also. Everything went smooth. Now I need to charge the camera, the iPod, the GameBoy and me.

*Yawn* See ya later!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Off I go!

Well my dears, off I go. In a few hours I will be leaving Egypt (again!!!) and will be traveling for the summer to Puerto Rico. I'll be offline a few days because hubby will keep the computer and I'll buy a new one once I reach PR. I'll miss you all. Please behave as good as you can, have lots of fun doing (fill blank) and blog away! I will be taking tons of photos, as usually, from the moment I departure from Egypt until I reach home.

See ya!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Extreme Tatters Round Robin - Camille

I signed to the Extreme Round Robin a while ago. I forgot to post about it. But here is what I made for Camille, who is my 1st partner.

This is a button I made when I was with the button fever, thanks to Jane. lol The pattern will be available later. The thread looks pink but I think it's the reflection from the flash. It's white, with silver bugles and pink glass seed beads. I love this pattern. Pretty quick to do too.

This one is a mini doily I called "Faerie's Ring". I need to re-tat this one for the upcoming book of "Wings for Hope". If you notice the outer repetition looks like little faeries. I'm thinking in using different colors to "pop" more the design. So now you have a little preview of the upcoming book. ;-)

Here is the photo of everything I sent to Camille.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Angelical Tatting

Still no TV at home. Hubby doesn't know what's the problem and because I'll travel soon he's in no hurry to repair it. *sigh* So while I'm without TV I tat, tat, tat...

This cute angel is by Brigit Phelps and can be found here. I made a mayor mistake and didin't noticed until it was too late. So I just finished it as it. But I'll make more of it with more beads. It's a pretty easy pattern and I love how the shirt looks.

This other is a Celtic Knot Angel by Ruth Perry. The skirt's chains are made with BDS (Balanced Double Stitch). I found a little mistake, or may be is just me. But the instructions on the skirt doesn't mention to use the BDS and when I made the regular ds I had to duplicate the amount because it didn't work. So next time I Make this one I'll make the note of making the BDS on the skirt instructions too.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Tatting Day

Happy Tatting Day to all my friends! For the occasion here I'm posting the pattern for the motif I made for the Design-Tat Lesson 3-4. Hope you like it!

Spring Baskets

Spring is pushing its way here. :-) At least today that's how I felt. And what a better way to receive spring with baskets full of pretty flowers! Aren't these the cutest basket full of flowers? The pattern is by Ellen Lai and was discussed on Monday's online tatting class. It's pretty quick and really fun to make.

These are the empty baskets waiting for the little flowers. Even if both have the same number of stitches and used the same thread the one on the left is a little bigger. It was the first I made. May be the tension was a little off. Then the second looks better because I already know the pattern.

All the flowers and butterflies are made with one shuttle. Well, there's a little reddish/white flower on the second basket that is a ring surrounded with chains. My favorite technique to work with 2 sizes of threads.


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