Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been invited to 2 fairs in May and they are just a few days one from the other so I have been tatting like crazy. One is on May 2nd and the other is from May 5 to May 9. This is the first time I participate on fairs since I got my Artisan certification. So I'm very happy. But also I'm getting stressed. I don't know how many pieces should I get with me and what kind of pieces will favor. Anyway I've been trying to tat a little of everything: bookmarks, headbands, jewelry and collars. Will try to make a few baby booties as well. They usually sell everywhere. :-)

So here are 2 collars I made this week. This burgundy one is made with a cotton #10 thread from Egypt called Helwan. Really soft and shiny! A little bigger than regular #10 threads I've work with. I used needle tatting for this one. The pattern is from Needle Tatting with Style Book 1. It's not too big. I think it will work better for a girl's dress collar.

This other is from a Russian Book called "Tatting" from 1993. I can't understand the name of the person. I used #10 thread Aunt Lydia's in a light cream. Very pretty color. I had to change a little the counting of the outer chains because if I do it according to the instructions it was going to cup. Also had to stretch the picots so the curve was softer and can make it bigger.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New tricks previews

For a couple of weeks I have been tatting and cutting like a mad woman. Since this cool technique came to my mind. It's not easy to find or create patterns to adapt to a technique. But I manage to get some and will be going to Palmetto's in a few minutes.

But here is a peek...

This 1st technique is developed from Roll Tatting. I call it Rolled Picots and for that you need 2 shuttles if worked on rings and 3 if worked on chains. I like how I can play with colors using this. Because the thread I use to add the color to the picots is finer than the main thread I can use more than one color and the design doesn't look bulky.

I was wondering if I can use the picots for joining and yes, you can join to them in a traditional way (sharing a picot) or like in the photo, joining two picots.

Probably will have to look for another name than Rolled Picots because I can make not just picots with it but rings too.

And here is the other technique: Schwarino Flying Rings.

This technique was develop by P. Schwarino. She's a Spanish-speaking tatter who lives in Germany. She makes the most beautiful and colorful tatting I have seen in awhile! All started from seen a pattern for Daisy Picots but no instructions, so she ponder and ponder until she got this. When she posted the photo we where wondering if it was Daisy Picots and she said no. She made 2 videos, one of Daisy Picots and one in her way of doing this. Showed to Georgia the second video and she was in awe as us in the group. A new technique was born! lol

All the techniques will go to Palmetto for consideration. Later the techniques will be on my web site for everyone to learn it.

If you think you know how I made the rolled picots e-mail me at ;-)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Not tatting but...

I know that a lot of you crochet also and do other crafts. I would love to make this dress but the material used is fingering yarn. I have no idea how big is fingering yarn and I would like to know how many strands of crochet #10 could be use to substitute the yarn. Or if you know of a similar pattern made in crochet thread I'll appreciate the info!

A new technique!

I have been a little hush last week but is because I have been trying to design something for Palmetto using a special technique not seen yet by many. Only by the members of Frivolite En Espanol in Ning. Why the hush? Well, Schwarino, one of the group members came with a new tatting technique. Yep, there are still techniques to discover in this world! lol She call it the Flying Ring. It kinda looks like the Daisy Picot but the ring gets totally independent over the "core" thread. So Friday I was playing more with her technique and I came with a variation of her technique to work with 2 threads and showing 1 color in the wanted places. Sounds like working with the Pelc or encapsulating, but it's works totally different. Ok, you want photos to understand all my excitement?

Here is a couple of photos.

This is a small triangle that I made while playing. I wanted to make rolled rings but was making them to small and after a ring and a half I changed to Schwarino rings. The first ring worked is the one on the right at the bottom, then the left-bottom ring and the last ring is the one on the top angle.

This is the back of the motif. Notice how the 2nd thread is not shown on the ring? On this photo it shows a little under one of the rolled rings but is because I couldn't close that ring completely. It was driving me crazy! The red therad I'm using is good for crochet but too stiff for tatting and tatting this was difficult.

I also made this butterfly and though it shows miniscule parts of the cream thread it shows the nice picots made in other color.

Will try to write the instructions this week and send them to Palmetto to see if they want a class. If anyone have seen a project done using similar techniques PLEASE let me know. Until we have knowledge Schwarino and me are the ones working this technique.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time after Time

How many of us wishes for having more time? Specially to tat some more? Well, I'm one that needs a day of like 26 hrs to I can do more. :-) I still need to sleep around 4 hrs, and I can use them to tat! Anyway. I came with an innovative item! A Tatting Sand Clock. Yes! At last we can have all the tatting time we want! Just put it on your lappel, or in your pocket... Put it on a chain around your neck, or just have it near. It's guarantee to last forever and it will never run out of time! You may be asking "how much such a marvel?" Well, here is the answer: IT'S TOTALLY FREE!!! Now you must be saying "But Wally is crazy, offering free time". Yes, I'm a little crazy and also can read your minds if you haven't notice. lol

The pattern is on my Pattern Section at Needles-N-Shuttles. It's a little gift from me to all of you wonderful tatting pals on our International Tatting Day. Enjoy and let me see your versions?

PS: I don't accept devolutions if the sand clock runs out of time or malfunctions.

All this talking about time always remind me of one of my favorite Cyndi Lauper's song "Time after time".


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