Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peach Tatted Orchid on Headband

This week someone view my hibiscus on my exhibition and asked for an orchid.  I got Toni Storer's book of orchids and made this dendrobium.  Was so pretty that I had to make another one.  You can find it at:


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hibiscus Headband

This is a tatted hibiscus, complete with calix and leaf. The Hibiscus (Maga) is the national flower of Puerto Rico. This design is an original. Flower and leaf measure almost 6 inches in total.

Headband is plastic, covered with a braided ribbon on the top and more satin ribbon on the bottom. One size fits all.

You can find it at:


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Multicolor Snowflake

A couple of weeks ago Anne Bruvold shared this pattern with the Online Tatting class.  I love it!  But it was too "easy".  So I started thinking, "What if I make it with 3 colors instead of 2?" and here it is.  It' s still very easy to make and the extra color gives extra fun.  :-)

Thanks Anne for sharing the pattern!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tatted Lupie Angel

 This is an original pattern. Her name is Lupie and was originally made for Lupus funds raising. The top of the angel is crocheted and then the skirt is tatted with white cotton thread and gold glass beads.

The angel measures 3 inches from the top of the halo to the bottom of the skirt. Perfect to use as an ornament, brooch or card making.

If preferred as a brooch send me a message and I'll place the brooch finding, no extra charge.

Beads can be change to other colors:
red, silver, green, crystal, white pearl

Lupie can be ordered at ArtFire or Etsy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another peek to the new book

I have been working on the new book and revisiting some patterns I wrote a few years ago.  This is one of them.  I made 2 versions, one of them with beads.  But I was feeling "lazy" and didn't want to load the beads so I made this one.  I think I still have to tweak a little the long picots, making them in 2 sizes.

I wrote already 6 of the 15 patterns, so a few more and will go straight to my testers.  Let see if I can get it ready just in time for Winter!

Mary Maynard's Earrings

Yesterday in the online class we discussed a pattern for an edging by Mary Maynard. It's a really pretty pattern and easily adapted to make earrings. I made a pair of them in size #10 in white and red with gold beads. This is 2 homeworks in a row! I hope I can stick to this pace now. :-)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My cluny attempt

This was suppose to be a 8 petals motif that Elisa du Sud designed.  But because I was making it at the same time I was watching a horror movie I forgot and made 6.  ;-)  From all the things in tatting (and bobbin lace too) the clunies have been always my archenemy! I can't get the hang of them!  Well, one may be but to make  several of them...  Makes my head spin!  I even prefer to make split chains than make clunies.

Oh well, I'll keep practicing!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Design

I haven't design anything per se in months! I think the last design was for my birthday. So I obliged myself to do this idea I had a few months ago. It uses a CD as a base. At the end this will be a multi-use ornament. There are still some other elements I'll add to it. I'm not sure if it'll be included in my next book or will sell it as a booklet. Still have time. :-)

Oh, the next book will be Dreamy Winter 2: Snowflakes and Stars. I'm in the process of rewriting the first one. I lost the master and the printed copy a long time ago but I found a notebook with the patterns. The only part that was completely lost was the Introduction. Someone send it to me but got lost again. I guess this book doesn't want to have an Introduction. lol

Monday, September 20, 2010

An Adventure Called Palmetto

It's been almost a month! Palmetto came and went too fast for me. :-( But it was awesome. I know there are a lot of blogs now posting the photos. I took so many that my camera's batteries die and had to use the cell phone to keep taking photos.

I arrived Wednesday to Columbia after a few delays because the plane from Altanta-Columbia didn't want to start and they couldn't find the "jumper cables". lol After 1 1/2 hrs they change us to another plane and that one started without problem. It's muc
h better that to have to do an emergency landing! But a little before 11 pm (from 9:20 pm I was suppose to arrive) I arrived Columbia and Karen was waiting for me. Took me to eat something and then I hit the pillow at the hotel and was sound asleep until next day that we went to Toccoa, GA. The drive brought a lot of memories of when I was living in GA. *sniff* I miss living there!

We stop to have lunch at the Cornerstone Cafe, a cute place inside an Antique Store.

From palmetto 2010
Then we arrived to the Baptist Conference Center and the magic began! Tons of goody bags and free stuff for our tatting obsession, seen good old friends and making new ones, chatting and tatting sessions, show and tells... Well, you can imagine. I think the most hours a person could sleep was around 5 hrs and even then you'll be dreaming with shuttles, needles and threads. lol

Friday I took a class with Karey Solomon ( a tree made with Floating Chains, which I really like to do). I need to finish the tree. I forgot where I save it and I founf it yesterday inside a plastic leaf on my Sampler book. Duh! After that class I taught my 1st class: Roll
Tatting. It was a fun class.

I had 6 students all of them learned to to the Roll Tatting. Even one student (Ashley) was so inspired that the leaf pattern gave her an idea for a butterfly with rolled tatting on the wings. That will look so pretty!

Then at night was the banquet, the not to silent auction and the games! Yay! We had our Tat-Off and guess who won. Me! *blushing*

The cute trophy is beside the other one I won in 2004 and the shuttle, well, it's already been use. :-)

I think the stars of the evening was the precious tatted quilting and seen Georgia as Richard, her husband, mustache and all!

Saturday were my 2 other classes. The 1st was Schwarino Flying Rings; a new technique similar to Daisy Picots but easier to do and the result is more lacy. It was develop by one of my Spanish-speaking tatters Patry Schwab from Germany and she gave permission to be taught at Palmetto for the 1st time.

Georgia was beside me learning the technique. :-)

It was a full class with 14 students and they told me that it was enjoyable too. Lorena choose and lovely yellow and green combination for her bookmark.

And she almost finish it!

Then the last class was Rolling Picots, a technique I started to develop this year. Similar to the roll tatting but using a secondary color to make the roll part in picots only; giving the work a very colorful look.

From palmetto 2010
IsDihara was a little challenge because she's a left tatter, but we managed and she made the cutest rolled picots in pink and white. We even sang a little silly song! ♪♫ Roll, roll, roll your tat, gently by the thread. Merrily, merrily, merrily, Tat is just my dream. ♫♪

I don't remember who did this but the combination of colors and the rolled picots were lovely too!

After the classes we had Tatting Jeopardy! That was awesome!!! My team was second place but I think the buzzer was malfunctioning. That's my excuse and I stick to it! lol We had a session to decorate cards that went well until midnight.

Sunday was the sad time for saying good byes until next year or next time. The last time to take photos, to promise to keep in touch and take a last good look at the place that for 2 days (3 for the teachers) made a home to tatters and family. But for some of us the fun didn't end there! Back to Columbia some went to a Mall nearby to have a tatting meeting and there we find again most of the people that were with us at Tat Day. We discussed some more classes's patterns and we laugh and ate Ice Cream!

Then on Monday I had the opportunity of spending the day at Pam Frecker's home, with Pam, Riet, Sue, Pam's SIL (sorry the name escapes from me now), Joanie and Hope G. Oh my goodness! It was like a mini Tat Day! lol We tat and had show and tell and ate chocolates, soups and sandwiches and then the most awesome part was the showing (again) of Mary Konior's collection that Sue brought with her. She shared so many memories of Mary and we laugh and cry; and admired so much the pieces. I felt like it was Camelot and we are the knights around the Round Table. Instead of knits were tatters and instead of round was rectangular. :-)

Isn't this a lovely bunch! The experience that day won't be easily forgoten!

Tuesday I had to return to the reality and unfortunately since I arrived to PR (under a hurricane menace) I have been sick with the Asthma. It always get uncontrolled after I return to PR from USA. It's the change in weather... *sigh* But even if I have to stay sick for 1000 days after a trip to Palmetto, I won't change it for anything!

To see all the photos you can go to these albums:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RR updated

When I signed to the RR at Sharon's site I didn't count with the fact that I was starting a Lupus crisis and because the last one was like 4 years ago, this time I have found it more aggressive than others before. But I manage last week to put on some extra "spoons" and finished them.

I have this idea for a long time to make a small bag using these lovely sequins that hubby got me in Egypt. And I managed to do it now. I used black thread #10, glass iridescent beads and silver sequins. The bag is like 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Just simple rings and chains. This bad is already on it's way to Ellen. I liked the bag so much that I'll be making another one for me. :-) The only thing I didn't do and thought of it later, was to make a cover inside the bag. I'm not an expert sewing, so that's why I didn't think about it before. What you think, make a cover or not? Will this be something that you'll buy if I place it on Etsy or ArtFire?

Friday, July 30, 2010

I feel like Cinderella!

Last Friday I got a notification for a parcel but I couldn't go to pick it because was a long holiday weekend and wasn't until Wednesday that my lil sister took me to the post office. It was from Spain, from one of the online members of the Spanish-speaking tatters group; Esperanza.

Inside I found several treasures!

There is a pair of scissors with a ribbon so I can hang them on the neck and don't loose them. hehe

The earrings are the cutest and tiniest bobbins I've seen.

There's a faux MOP fan skeleton to make a pretty fan.

And the stars of the package: a pair of glass shuttles with my name on them!!! Now I know how Cinderella felt when she got the glass slippers.

The biggest one has a golden green tone with dark green strips and the small one has a aural orange/pink tone.

They are not uniform in the thickness but I think I can use them with a fine thread like #40 or #80. The point are not tight. But who cares about the defect!? They are perfect! Only another person in the world have a pair of these shuttles and is my friend Esperanza. :-) They were made by a glass artisan solely for her.

Thank you a bunch!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh no! Another hobby?

Well, it's not completely new. I learn quilling I think at the same time as tatting. But as with everything else, I stop because I couldn't find materials. Lately I have seen on Annie's Attic about the new sets of quilling and bug bite me again. :-) So I got my set out and started playing again. I found on E-Bay really cheap supplies and got some paper strips. Here is something I did a week ago. It's my first 3-D project. A little flower pot with some flowers and a blue bird singing. Cute, eh? Just free-style. I didn't follow any pattern for this one. I have other photos but will post them on an album and share the link.

I'm looking forward to incorporate tatting and quilling into the same project. Let see what can I come with!

Tat Days Scholarship

This is a great way to promote tatting and keep it alive! If you can;t go to the event at least you can participate to get this gorgeous quilt!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Foldover Bookmark

I have been tatting madly lately. Trying to cope with the stress. And what better pattern to do a gazillion time that the Foldover Bookmark by Jon Yussuf. I really love this design. Heck, I already have almost a dozen of them in different colors! It's so easy to make that after the first one I knew the pattern by memory. :-)

Here is the bookmark folded. The purpose of the bookmark is for people that doesn't like tassels on their books. So the bookmark has 2 pieces. You place one piece on the page that you want to mark and the other piece a few pages after.

I noticed that the design can make a very pretty bracelet. Just adding an extra short piece to the other side. Isn't it cute? BTW... The thread is Lizbeth #20 in Wildflowers. I just fall in love with this color! Almost finishing the ball, so I will need to buy a couple more. lol

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sorry I asked... But don't judge me either.

It seems that me asking for help with donations toward my bariatric surgery has risen a polemic and drama that I really don't want. It has mixed with the fact that I'm asking a membership of $10 annually toward the payment of the group at NING for the Spanish-speaking Tatters.

Let me explain first about the Ning money. When Ning decided to ask for the network creator a quote for the use of Ning, I looked for alternative in about a dozen of places. None of them worked as good as Ning and the members in consensus opt to pay the membership of $10 annually to keep the network and all the applications that it has, specially the storage space. There are some people that have problem paying the membership and in each case I have say, it's ok to stay in the group. Even other members have given more than their share of money to help others to stay. Members that can't pay for whatever reason will be able to stay in the group with limited participation. Now, people that are protesting about the money is because $10 per member, and the group have over 1000 members, will give me a lot of money and I'll be rich! But what they don't see is that not all of those members are active, there are people that enter once or twice to see what's in the group and then don't enter anymore. There are people that enter to "steal" material, patterns and photos. So doing a cleaning of all those the group will be greatly reduce to around 100-150 members. Still a lot of money? Well, the rest of the money will be used on the group anyway. The web site has a maintenance around $100 per year. There are contests that will receive material prizes. There will be a better classroom for the online classes. And what if I want to ask for some money for the time I dedicate to the searching of material, translations, designing and classes... Is that bad? Should I give all my time for free? Unfortunately I can't because I don't work and don't have a salary, only a pension which half of it is spent in medicines. Even members have suggested that I could use some of that money to travel and give classes in other countries, something I won't do if this will bring more flame and drama.

Now, about my bariatric surgery. I asked some help because I really need the surgery, not for cosmetic reasons but for my serious health condition. I don't like to talk a lot about it because it's depressing and some people don't like to hear this kind of things because they have their own problems. But I will say it. Yes, my health is very bad, is deteriorating each day more and there's no cure for it. The bariatric surgery will help to diminish some of the secondary health problems, but it will not CURE my Lupus or Asthma. I found some help toward the surgery and that's really good, but still I will need to fund some deductibles and expenses that right now I don't have money and will never have, to be sincere. And I"m not asking money for nothing on exchange. I placed my links to 2 of my online shops. You can buy whatever you want. If you don't want to buy anything but will like to make a donation, fine! I'll appreciate it enormously. I'm not forcing people to buy and make donations!

Saying all this... I have been call a fraud and make me look like all I'm asking is money for my selfish self. That hurts a lot! All my life I have to fight to stay alive, achieve a lot of things that people get for granted. Seven years ago I started this movement to promote Tatting in Spanish. I started translating WITH permissions, materials and patterns. Started the online class in Spanish. Designed a lot of patterns and made a lot of projects, just so that people learned this art. What I gain from this? Stealing of my patterns and translations, illegal publishing of material in my website and group. Tons of fights with my family about the time I spent in the freaking computer and tatting, forgetting a lot of time to do my chores.

So I won't allow ANYONE to call me a fraud! Just because I'm asking some money to help myself to get better health and so I can continue teaching tatting. You don't know all the sacrifices, tears, stress and anxieties I have been through in my life. All the close calls that even my family thought "this is it, the end of Wally's life". Don't judge me because I asked for $10 annually so you can learn an art that anywhere will cost you a lot more! And as I said at the end of the last post. PRAYERS are also very well received.

Sorry I asked for money. I just wanted to get better.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can you help me achieve my dream?

I have been talking a lot about my plans for Bariatric Surgery. This is something I need to help my health, it's not purely cosmetic. Several of my doctors have recommended it and even went to my 1st evaluation but I can't make it here in PR. I was looking several options and I receive answer from West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. Medicare covers the surgery and my secondary insurance covers Medicare's deductible. But for transportation, stay and special diet I will need around $2000. From those I need $500 at the end of August for the 1st evaluation (ticket, stay and food).

Before I start reading comments about diet, supplement and miracle cures, let me just say this. I have Lupus and actually is active. I have been visiting professional nutritionists for years and though I loose some pounds, I regain them again because of some medicines I take. I can't take natural supplements that boost the immune system because that's exactly the problem with Lupus. My immune system is over reactive and things like that make it worst. And to end, there's no miracle food, ,diet or nothing that will cure you or make you loose all the weight miraculously. In my case the last resort is surgery after a lot of alternative that my own doctors have tried with me. This is not only surgery, but a total change in my lifestyle, thus I have a medical team of 8 doctors, including surgeon, hematologist, nutritionists, psychiatrist, physical therapist, etc. Even a spiritual counselor.

I really don't like to keep asking people for money. But because I can't work in a regular job, all I can do is tat and see if people buy some of my work.

Can you help me? Prayers and donations are greatly accepted!

By buying at:
Or making a donation to Pay Pal

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What to do? Here, there or Yonder?...

At last, after almost a month of trying to talk to the coordinator of the bariatric center where I made my initial evaluation I was able to talk with her. I told her about my nasty phone call with the dr's secretary that told me that the Hospital do accept Medicare but the dr not yet and there's not a definitive date for it. I have been waiting for an appointment for over 1 1/2 years. I can't stay any more in this limbo. My husband is in Egypt and though he supports me 100%, he's starting to be anxious of when I'll be traveling back to Egypt.

So, the coordinator told me that yes, the hospital part of the surgery is covered by Medicare but not the surgeon's fee. I asked if my secondary insurance can pay for the dr and she tld me that she doesn't know. So now I have to try to get an appointment with the dr to talk about this. *sigh* All this have left me broken.

Now, I found several drs online and I will be calling a dr in SC. I will be traveling to Columbia, SC in August 25 for a Lace Convention, so I thought that I can travel a few days before or stay a few days more and go to a seminar. I will try to call tomorrow to be sure about the seminar dates.

Now I feel like the song that says "Should I stay or Should I go". Here or there? There are a few details like extra money for the extra stay if I decide to do it on SC, or the eternal waiting here in PR until I get an answer.

I hate to make this kind of decisions!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moving to Miami

I will probably move to Miami, FL because there's a hospital there that make the bariatric surgery with Medicare. I got tire of waiting here in PR and at last they told me that my dr is not yet affiliated to Medicare, so they won't make any surgery with Medicare yet. But they don't have an idea of when this could be possible. So I started looking on the net for drs. and found severals. Up to now I got an answer from the Miami HOPE Center and I think I'll start the process with them. Now to find apartment into my money range. That's another story. *sigh*

I signed with BeautiControl a few months ago and though I made it for personal use I think I can make some money selling the products. This will help GREATLY into the moving to Miami. So if you can lend me a few minutes and check my page I'll appreciate!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tatting on Car

I haven't been around a lot because of the pains I have been suffering for almost 2 months. But thanks God and my dr the pain are less and I was able to go out with my family just to drive around the interior of the island. I think we drove like 2 hours without stopping and I started to get bore because I didn't bring with me my tatting bag. So I took some curly ribbons from a gift someone made to my sister Letty and I started finger-tatting a very simple heart.

But what would I do to help with the joining? I asked mom if she had a toothpiker and she found one and it worked like a charm! I was able to make the joins.

Here is the finished heart. Tatting with curly ribbon is interesting but I don't like how the picots look like and it was difficult to manage the tension of the stitches. But anyway I spend a few minutes without boreness. :-)
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

APS Awareness Day

I know that this is not about tatting but as a SLE (Lupus) patient and now possible APS patient I think is good to raise awareness about these almost unknown diseases that don't have a cure.

What is Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS)? APS is associated with recurrent clotting events (thrombosis) including premature stroke, repeated miscarriages, phlebitis, venous thrombosis (clot in the vein) and pulmonary thromboembolism (blockage of an artery found in the lung due to a clot that has traveled from a vein). It is also associated with low platelet or blood elements that prevent bleeding. Recently, however, even more disease states have been linked with APL including premature heart attack, migraine headaches, various cardiac valvular abnormalities, skin lesions, abnormal movement/chorea, diseases that mimic multiple sclerosis, vascular diseases of the eye that can lead to visual loss and blindness.

APS is an autoimmune disorder in which the body recognizes certain normal components of blood and/or cell membranes as foreign substances and produces antibodies against them. There are two known forms of APS. APS may occur in people with systemic lupus erythematosus, other autoimmune disease, or in otherwise healthy individuals. Sadly, when most people hear about APS and it being referred to as autoimmune disease, they incorrectly confuse the terms autoimmune with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS); or they think this is a form of cancer.

Women are more likely than men to be affected by APS. Some estimates say that 75% to 90% of those affected are women. For example, it has been estimated by some doctors that one third of all of young strokes (defined as under the age of 50) are due to APS.

In obstetrics it is estimated by some doctors that up to 25% of all women with 2 or more spontaneous miscarriages have APS. Some doctors believe that 1 in 5 of all Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Pulmonary Embolism (PE), and even worse, amputations are due to APS. And it is believed that 40-50% of patients with Lupus also have APS. Still, with these statistics, APS rarely is discussed as a women’s health issue and is misdiagnosed often. Therefore the total number of people affected and true statistics are unknown really.

APS is also referred to as APLS or APLA in the United States and Hughes Syndrome or Sticky Blood in the UK.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day one of the "Festival de la Palabra" (Festival of the Word)

I got an invitation for an International fair of writers celebrated this week in PR. Only 5 artisans are participating and it's very exiting! Today was the 1st day. Well, actually, last night was the 1st but I couldn't go at night. So this is my official 1st day. :-)

Because is an event about writers and books they ask me to bring bookmarks. So I spent the last couple of weeks tatting bookmarks. Made around 30. Today I sold 7. May be is not a lot but for me is a triumph! This is my first time in an event like this.

The event is from 10 am to 10 pm in an antique square building with a huge plaza in the center. It was constructed as a jail in the Spanish Colonial Era. A very pretty building. Tomorrow, hopefully, will post some pics. I forgot the camera in the luggage with the tattings on the trunk of mom's car. But is secure...

My feet hurt and are swollen, my back is killing me and I'm so tire I can't sleep but I'm happy.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been invited to 2 fairs in May and they are just a few days one from the other so I have been tatting like crazy. One is on May 2nd and the other is from May 5 to May 9. This is the first time I participate on fairs since I got my Artisan certification. So I'm very happy. But also I'm getting stressed. I don't know how many pieces should I get with me and what kind of pieces will favor. Anyway I've been trying to tat a little of everything: bookmarks, headbands, jewelry and collars. Will try to make a few baby booties as well. They usually sell everywhere. :-)

So here are 2 collars I made this week. This burgundy one is made with a cotton #10 thread from Egypt called Helwan. Really soft and shiny! A little bigger than regular #10 threads I've work with. I used needle tatting for this one. The pattern is from Needle Tatting with Style Book 1. It's not too big. I think it will work better for a girl's dress collar.

This other is from a Russian Book called "Tatting" from 1993. I can't understand the name of the person. I used #10 thread Aunt Lydia's in a light cream. Very pretty color. I had to change a little the counting of the outer chains because if I do it according to the instructions it was going to cup. Also had to stretch the picots so the curve was softer and can make it bigger.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New tricks previews

For a couple of weeks I have been tatting and cutting like a mad woman. Since this cool technique came to my mind. It's not easy to find or create patterns to adapt to a technique. But I manage to get some and will be going to Palmetto's in a few minutes.

But here is a peek...

This 1st technique is developed from Roll Tatting. I call it Rolled Picots and for that you need 2 shuttles if worked on rings and 3 if worked on chains. I like how I can play with colors using this. Because the thread I use to add the color to the picots is finer than the main thread I can use more than one color and the design doesn't look bulky.

I was wondering if I can use the picots for joining and yes, you can join to them in a traditional way (sharing a picot) or like in the photo, joining two picots.

Probably will have to look for another name than Rolled Picots because I can make not just picots with it but rings too.

And here is the other technique: Schwarino Flying Rings.

This technique was develop by P. Schwarino. She's a Spanish-speaking tatter who lives in Germany. She makes the most beautiful and colorful tatting I have seen in awhile! All started from seen a pattern for Daisy Picots but no instructions, so she ponder and ponder until she got this. When she posted the photo we where wondering if it was Daisy Picots and she said no. She made 2 videos, one of Daisy Picots and one in her way of doing this. Showed to Georgia the second video and she was in awe as us in the group. A new technique was born! lol

All the techniques will go to Palmetto for consideration. Later the techniques will be on my web site for everyone to learn it.

If you think you know how I made the rolled picots e-mail me at needledreams@yahoo.com. ;-)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Not tatting but...

I know that a lot of you crochet also and do other crafts. I would love to make this dress but the material used is fingering yarn. I have no idea how big is fingering yarn and I would like to know how many strands of crochet #10 could be use to substitute the yarn. Or if you know of a similar pattern made in crochet thread I'll appreciate the info!

A new technique!

I have been a little hush last week but is because I have been trying to design something for Palmetto using a special technique not seen yet by many. Only by the members of Frivolite En Espanol in Ning. Why the hush? Well, Schwarino, one of the group members came with a new tatting technique. Yep, there are still techniques to discover in this world! lol She call it the Flying Ring. It kinda looks like the Daisy Picot but the ring gets totally independent over the "core" thread. So Friday I was playing more with her technique and I came with a variation of her technique to work with 2 threads and showing 1 color in the wanted places. Sounds like working with the Pelc or encapsulating, but it's works totally different. Ok, you want photos to understand all my excitement?

Here is a couple of photos.

This is a small triangle that I made while playing. I wanted to make rolled rings but was making them to small and after a ring and a half I changed to Schwarino rings. The first ring worked is the one on the right at the bottom, then the left-bottom ring and the last ring is the one on the top angle.

This is the back of the motif. Notice how the 2nd thread is not shown on the ring? On this photo it shows a little under one of the rolled rings but is because I couldn't close that ring completely. It was driving me crazy! The red therad I'm using is good for crochet but too stiff for tatting and tatting this was difficult.

I also made this butterfly and though it shows miniscule parts of the cream thread it shows the nice picots made in other color.

Will try to write the instructions this week and send them to Palmetto to see if they want a class. If anyone have seen a project done using similar techniques PLEASE let me know. Until we have knowledge Schwarino and me are the ones working this technique.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time after Time

How many of us wishes for having more time? Specially to tat some more? Well, I'm one that needs a day of like 26 hrs to I can do more. :-) I still need to sleep around 4 hrs, and I can use them to tat! Anyway. I came with an innovative item! A Tatting Sand Clock. Yes! At last we can have all the tatting time we want! Just put it on your lappel, or in your pocket... Put it on a chain around your neck, or just have it near. It's guarantee to last forever and it will never run out of time! You may be asking "how much such a marvel?" Well, here is the answer: IT'S TOTALLY FREE!!! Now you must be saying "But Wally is crazy, offering free time". Yes, I'm a little crazy and also can read your minds if you haven't notice. lol

The pattern is on my Pattern Section at Needles-N-Shuttles. It's a little gift from me to all of you wonderful tatting pals on our International Tatting Day. Enjoy and let me see your versions?

PS: I don't accept devolutions if the sand clock runs out of time or malfunctions.

All this talking about time always remind me of one of my favorite Cyndi Lauper's song "Time after time".

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Priscilla Bookmark

At the Spanish tatting group, we are translating and modernizing the Priscilla No. 3 tatting book and I got inspired in one of the patterns to make this one. I'm trying to make it in colors and then I'll write the pattern. It's so amazing when a simple pattern can inspire you to get something different. :-)

This is the original photo. It's figure #20 on Priscilla Tatting Book No. 3 on page 7.


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