Monday, June 29, 2009

Decorated Canvas Tote

I'm still in the long road of recovery and healing, but a few days ago there was enough "sunshine" for me to work in this canvas tote. I got 3 of them at a local fabric/crafts/etc shop. They were super cheap and came with a set of fabric markers and 2 stampers (leaves and a flower). I got 3 of them because as soon as I saw them, they screamed decorate me!

I stamped the leaves and paint them witht he markes and draw some stems. Then I tatted some decorated buttons that look like flowers and added a cute button butterfly.

I think it needs something else, but I can't get what is missing. May be some grass? Or more butterflies? Could you help me with ideas?

Also I got a cool set of 20 colors of Sharpies (permanent markers). They are supper cool! I have been painting the clear buttons I got a couple of months ago and also painting my tatting. Yes, painting already finished tatted items. This opens a great creative window. Can you imagine that you need something in an especific color and you don't have time or the money to buy the thread or to dye it. Then paint it with a Sharpie! lol
Here I used white thread for the rings and pink for the chains. I painted the picots. The colors bleed a little because I wanted them to be very dark. But I love the way it looks!!! The button was also painted with the Sharpies.

How to hide ends using the SSSR

On my Spanish Tatting class we were talking about ways to hide ends and I mentioned that I like to hide my ends using the SSSR. Here are photos explaining how I do it when I finish a work with a ring. I'm still working in how to do it when the work finish in a chain...

For this example I made a little doodle that starts with the middle ring of a clover.
R: 3-5-5-3.
R: 3+ 3-5.
CH: 3
JCH: 50
CH: 3
Joined the chain to the base of the rings.

Now cut the ball thread, leaving around 3 inches or what ever amount it takes to reach to the middle of the next ring. I hate to waste thread so for me 2-3 inches is fine.

Now I start the last ring, encapsulating the tail. This ring is 3+3-5.
I encapsulate for 5 stitches; just reaching to the ds before making the picot. I don't like to cut ends on a picot because it disfigures the picot.

After making the picot, I start my SSSR. To make a SSSR go to this tutorial.

I made my last 4 ds using the SSSR method.

Close the SSSR and pass the loop around the base of the clover and close tight.

Then you can cut both ends close to the ds. If you're afraid that the ring may open, you can put a drop of fabric glue on the base of the last ring, where the loop of the SSSR is anchored.

That's all! In this way you can finish your ends without having to use a needle to sew ends or use a filament for the magic thread or what ever.
This is showing how to do it with a work ending on a ring that has just one joined side. Can be used also when the ring stands alone.
For a ring that is joined on both side you will need to adjust the SSSR. Ladytats shows how to do this.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Uses of SSSR

Lately there have been a lot of discussions about the SSSR (Single Shuttle Split Ring). I learned the technique through Bina, Dora Young and Karey. Three very different ways in achieving almost same results. But what is this technique good for? Apart of making split rings with a single shuttle I have been using it to climb up from a round to another in a work with 2 colors, obtaining the one color split ring, like Tatting Chic explained and Jane Eborall diagrammed.

Another use for this is to make split rings alternating colors. This works better if you have a Pelc or double bobbin shuttle. It can be worked with 2 shuttles but prepare to be patient because you have to use the shuttles together and then separate them often.

Other use for the SSSR is to hide ends without having to cut the threads and then use a needle to sew them or to use the Magic Thread. This way you are encapsulating both ends into the last ring, if the work finish in a ring. I'm working in a similar way to end the chains; but not good results until now.

I have lost a lot of photos where I used this technique, so during the week I'll be working on the samples again. *sigh* At least it gives me a push to tat.

A note apart... Thanks to everyone who have wished me well and sent prayers. The last MRI shows no problem on the bone. That is a good news on that side, because it means that I won't need a hip replacement soon. But there's still the mystery of what is causing the pain, some days so bad that I can't get out of bed for long time. Now I will have to go to a neurologist to see if it's a problem with the nerves. OF one thing the rheumatologist is sure; the Lupus is causing all the bad aches and symptoms. Mean while I'll keep taking Percocet to diminish the pain and "Happy Pills" to combat the depression.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sorry I'm not arround...

I haven't been arround lately because I don't feel well. The pain in the hip has return and over that I'm going through one of my depression state. ALready taking max doses of antidepresant, pain killers and other medicines and it's not fun.
Have lost all the energy. I even pass the days just staring at the shuttles and books but no inspiration or desire to work in anything.
Last visit to my rheumatologist he told me that he suspect of avascular necrosis of the hip, due to the Lupus and DVT's (Deep Vein Thrombophebitis) and years of steriods treatments (and over doses) for the asthma and lupus. So now what? Hip replacement? Goosh! I hope not. I had a MRI yesterday and the results will be ready tomorrow and then visit again the doctor Monday. The next 3 weeks are already full of doctors appointments. *sigh* Just when I was thinking things were going to be better.
But no, I can denie that things have revert. Also I'm loosing again most of my hair, specially the back of my head and a little of the butterfly rash appears everytime I go outside (even with sunscreen). The heat is driving me crazy, even if is less hot than in Egypt. Above all this problems having my husband away and also with depression (the death iof his dad was to hard on him) and having also money problem is not helping.
I have some exchanges pending and an order of two from my shop also pending. Please give me another week to see if I can get out of this. I'm feeling even numb. There are no words to describe this...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What do you do when life gives you buttons?

Yesterday was "payday" and I told mom to get some canvas totes we saw a couple of weeks ago for $3.99 with markers and stamps to decorate and some bags of buttons. I saw this cute bags with tons and tons of buttons. Gosh! All of them shiny and pretty. Who can resist them? Not me, that's for sure! Each bag have over 300 buttons of all shapes, colors, sizes; with 2 or 4 holes and some with shanks. I got a pastel-tone bag and a clear tone bag. Aren't they amazing! So I went happy with my booty home. How much I spent in buttons? Ahem... Just a mere $12. But I deserve this treat. Buttons make me happy. lol Okay, now I'm being silly. So now... What to do with so many buttons?

Make flowers, of course! The brown caramel buttons are from a previous pattern I made. The 2 variegated ones and the pink are designs I made last night. The browns are for a t-shirt mom wants to decorate (still need to make 7 more) and the other 3 are going to decorate one of the canvas tote bags that I bought yesterday. I already paint one with the leaves and stems. Just need to make 2 or 3 more and sew them. I think I can finish one tonight and will take a photo.

Patterns for the flowers will come soon. I'm also making some butterflies. A few of patterns are on my web site.


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