Sunday, October 3, 2010

My cluny attempt

This was suppose to be a 8 petals motif that Elisa du Sud designed.  But because I was making it at the same time I was watching a horror movie I forgot and made 6.  ;-)  From all the things in tatting (and bobbin lace too) the clunies have been always my archenemy! I can't get the hang of them!  Well, one may be but to make  several of them...  Makes my head spin!  I even prefer to make split chains than make clunies.

Oh well, I'll keep practicing!


God's Kid said...

Doesn't look to bad to me, actually I thought it was a flower design. :)

Tattingrid said...

Couldn't agree more! Cluny leaves are so difficult, no matter how many video's I see. And Elisa du Sud makes them so beautiful that you keep trying.. You did a good job, though. I'll stick to some easier patterns for the time being. Look forward to see you new attempts. Ingrid


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