Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moving to Miami

I will probably move to Miami, FL because there's a hospital there that make the bariatric surgery with Medicare. I got tire of waiting here in PR and at last they told me that my dr is not yet affiliated to Medicare, so they won't make any surgery with Medicare yet. But they don't have an idea of when this could be possible. So I started looking on the net for drs. and found severals. Up to now I got an answer from the Miami HOPE Center and I think I'll start the process with them. Now to find apartment into my money range. That's another story. *sigh*

I signed with BeautiControl a few months ago and though I made it for personal use I think I can make some money selling the products. This will help GREATLY into the moving to Miami. So if you can lend me a few minutes and check my page I'll appreciate!

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