Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What to do? Here, there or Yonder?...

At last, after almost a month of trying to talk to the coordinator of the bariatric center where I made my initial evaluation I was able to talk with her. I told her about my nasty phone call with the dr's secretary that told me that the Hospital do accept Medicare but the dr not yet and there's not a definitive date for it. I have been waiting for an appointment for over 1 1/2 years. I can't stay any more in this limbo. My husband is in Egypt and though he supports me 100%, he's starting to be anxious of when I'll be traveling back to Egypt.

So, the coordinator told me that yes, the hospital part of the surgery is covered by Medicare but not the surgeon's fee. I asked if my secondary insurance can pay for the dr and she tld me that she doesn't know. So now I have to try to get an appointment with the dr to talk about this. *sigh* All this have left me broken.

Now, I found several drs online and I will be calling a dr in SC. I will be traveling to Columbia, SC in August 25 for a Lace Convention, so I thought that I can travel a few days before or stay a few days more and go to a seminar. I will try to call tomorrow to be sure about the seminar dates.

Now I feel like the song that says "Should I stay or Should I go". Here or there? There are a few details like extra money for the extra stay if I decide to do it on SC, or the eternal waiting here in PR until I get an answer.

I hate to make this kind of decisions!

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Suztats said...

Hoping this works out for you..and very soon! Best wishes.


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