Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RR updated

When I signed to the RR at Sharon's site I didn't count with the fact that I was starting a Lupus crisis and because the last one was like 4 years ago, this time I have found it more aggressive than others before. But I manage last week to put on some extra "spoons" and finished them.

I have this idea for a long time to make a small bag using these lovely sequins that hubby got me in Egypt. And I managed to do it now. I used black thread #10, glass iridescent beads and silver sequins. The bag is like 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Just simple rings and chains. This bad is already on it's way to Ellen. I liked the bag so much that I'll be making another one for me. :-) The only thing I didn't do and thought of it later, was to make a cover inside the bag. I'm not an expert sewing, so that's why I didn't think about it before. What you think, make a cover or not? Will this be something that you'll buy if I place it on Etsy or ArtFire?

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