Monday, September 20, 2010

An Adventure Called Palmetto

It's been almost a month! Palmetto came and went too fast for me. :-( But it was awesome. I know there are a lot of blogs now posting the photos. I took so many that my camera's batteries die and had to use the cell phone to keep taking photos.

I arrived Wednesday to Columbia after a few delays because the plane from Altanta-Columbia didn't want to start and they couldn't find the "jumper cables". lol After 1 1/2 hrs they change us to another plane and that one started without problem. It's muc
h better that to have to do an emergency landing! But a little before 11 pm (from 9:20 pm I was suppose to arrive) I arrived Columbia and Karen was waiting for me. Took me to eat something and then I hit the pillow at the hotel and was sound asleep until next day that we went to Toccoa, GA. The drive brought a lot of memories of when I was living in GA. *sniff* I miss living there!

We stop to have lunch at the Cornerstone Cafe, a cute place inside an Antique Store.

From palmetto 2010
Then we arrived to the Baptist Conference Center and the magic began! Tons of goody bags and free stuff for our tatting obsession, seen good old friends and making new ones, chatting and tatting sessions, show and tells... Well, you can imagine. I think the most hours a person could sleep was around 5 hrs and even then you'll be dreaming with shuttles, needles and threads. lol

Friday I took a class with Karey Solomon ( a tree made with Floating Chains, which I really like to do). I need to finish the tree. I forgot where I save it and I founf it yesterday inside a plastic leaf on my Sampler book. Duh! After that class I taught my 1st class: Roll
Tatting. It was a fun class.

I had 6 students all of them learned to to the Roll Tatting. Even one student (Ashley) was so inspired that the leaf pattern gave her an idea for a butterfly with rolled tatting on the wings. That will look so pretty!

Then at night was the banquet, the not to silent auction and the games! Yay! We had our Tat-Off and guess who won. Me! *blushing*

The cute trophy is beside the other one I won in 2004 and the shuttle, well, it's already been use. :-)

I think the stars of the evening was the precious tatted quilting and seen Georgia as Richard, her husband, mustache and all!

Saturday were my 2 other classes. The 1st was Schwarino Flying Rings; a new technique similar to Daisy Picots but easier to do and the result is more lacy. It was develop by one of my Spanish-speaking tatters Patry Schwab from Germany and she gave permission to be taught at Palmetto for the 1st time.

Georgia was beside me learning the technique. :-)

It was a full class with 14 students and they told me that it was enjoyable too. Lorena choose and lovely yellow and green combination for her bookmark.

And she almost finish it!

Then the last class was Rolling Picots, a technique I started to develop this year. Similar to the roll tatting but using a secondary color to make the roll part in picots only; giving the work a very colorful look.

From palmetto 2010
IsDihara was a little challenge because she's a left tatter, but we managed and she made the cutest rolled picots in pink and white. We even sang a little silly song! ♪♫ Roll, roll, roll your tat, gently by the thread. Merrily, merrily, merrily, Tat is just my dream. ♫♪

I don't remember who did this but the combination of colors and the rolled picots were lovely too!

After the classes we had Tatting Jeopardy! That was awesome!!! My team was second place but I think the buzzer was malfunctioning. That's my excuse and I stick to it! lol We had a session to decorate cards that went well until midnight.

Sunday was the sad time for saying good byes until next year or next time. The last time to take photos, to promise to keep in touch and take a last good look at the place that for 2 days (3 for the teachers) made a home to tatters and family. But for some of us the fun didn't end there! Back to Columbia some went to a Mall nearby to have a tatting meeting and there we find again most of the people that were with us at Tat Day. We discussed some more classes's patterns and we laugh and ate Ice Cream!

Then on Monday I had the opportunity of spending the day at Pam Frecker's home, with Pam, Riet, Sue, Pam's SIL (sorry the name escapes from me now), Joanie and Hope G. Oh my goodness! It was like a mini Tat Day! lol We tat and had show and tell and ate chocolates, soups and sandwiches and then the most awesome part was the showing (again) of Mary Konior's collection that Sue brought with her. She shared so many memories of Mary and we laugh and cry; and admired so much the pieces. I felt like it was Camelot and we are the knights around the Round Table. Instead of knits were tatters and instead of round was rectangular. :-)

Isn't this a lovely bunch! The experience that day won't be easily forgoten!

Tuesday I had to return to the reality and unfortunately since I arrived to PR (under a hurricane menace) I have been sick with the Asthma. It always get uncontrolled after I return to PR from USA. It's the change in weather... *sigh* But even if I have to stay sick for 1000 days after a trip to Palmetto, I won't change it for anything!

To see all the photos you can go to these albums:


❦TattingChic said...

That's so cool that you got to go! What a cool trophy and shuttle! LOL!

Tatman said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the Tat off!!! You are a speedy tatter and have seen it first hand :-D Thanks for sharing the memories and pictures of PTD for those that couldn't attend. MISS YOU!!!

Karen said...

Congratulations on the tat-off. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos and letting us get of glimps of your fun. Karen

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, I DO wish I'd been there. Hope to meet up with you again next year. Thanks for the wonderful report.

Isdihara said...

Congratulations and thank you for your in-dept post about Tat Days. You are very kind to say my rolled picots were cute. I still sing the song! :-)

It was such a pleasure to meet you!


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