Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been invited to 2 fairs in May and they are just a few days one from the other so I have been tatting like crazy. One is on May 2nd and the other is from May 5 to May 9. This is the first time I participate on fairs since I got my Artisan certification. So I'm very happy. But also I'm getting stressed. I don't know how many pieces should I get with me and what kind of pieces will favor. Anyway I've been trying to tat a little of everything: bookmarks, headbands, jewelry and collars. Will try to make a few baby booties as well. They usually sell everywhere. :-)

So here are 2 collars I made this week. This burgundy one is made with a cotton #10 thread from Egypt called Helwan. Really soft and shiny! A little bigger than regular #10 threads I've work with. I used needle tatting for this one. The pattern is from Needle Tatting with Style Book 1. It's not too big. I think it will work better for a girl's dress collar.

This other is from a Russian Book called "Tatting" from 1993. I can't understand the name of the person. I used #10 thread Aunt Lydia's in a light cream. Very pretty color. I had to change a little the counting of the outer chains because if I do it according to the instructions it was going to cup. Also had to stretch the picots so the curve was softer and can make it bigger.


Val said...

the collars are beautiful! good luck at the fair, wally!

Bonnie said...


Enjoy the fair.

Tattycat said...

Absolutely lovely, Wally.


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