Monday, April 5, 2010

A new technique!

I have been a little hush last week but is because I have been trying to design something for Palmetto using a special technique not seen yet by many. Only by the members of Frivolite En Espanol in Ning. Why the hush? Well, Schwarino, one of the group members came with a new tatting technique. Yep, there are still techniques to discover in this world! lol She call it the Flying Ring. It kinda looks like the Daisy Picot but the ring gets totally independent over the "core" thread. So Friday I was playing more with her technique and I came with a variation of her technique to work with 2 threads and showing 1 color in the wanted places. Sounds like working with the Pelc or encapsulating, but it's works totally different. Ok, you want photos to understand all my excitement?

Here is a couple of photos.

This is a small triangle that I made while playing. I wanted to make rolled rings but was making them to small and after a ring and a half I changed to Schwarino rings. The first ring worked is the one on the right at the bottom, then the left-bottom ring and the last ring is the one on the top angle.

This is the back of the motif. Notice how the 2nd thread is not shown on the ring? On this photo it shows a little under one of the rolled rings but is because I couldn't close that ring completely. It was driving me crazy! The red therad I'm using is good for crochet but too stiff for tatting and tatting this was difficult.

I also made this butterfly and though it shows miniscule parts of the cream thread it shows the nice picots made in other color.

Will try to write the instructions this week and send them to Palmetto to see if they want a class. If anyone have seen a project done using similar techniques PLEASE let me know. Until we have knowledge Schwarino and me are the ones working this technique.

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