Thursday, April 2, 2009

Angelical Tatting

Still no TV at home. Hubby doesn't know what's the problem and because I'll travel soon he's in no hurry to repair it. *sigh* So while I'm without TV I tat, tat, tat...

This cute angel is by Brigit Phelps and can be found here. I made a mayor mistake and didin't noticed until it was too late. So I just finished it as it. But I'll make more of it with more beads. It's a pretty easy pattern and I love how the shirt looks.

This other is a Celtic Knot Angel by Ruth Perry. The skirt's chains are made with BDS (Balanced Double Stitch). I found a little mistake, or may be is just me. But the instructions on the skirt doesn't mention to use the BDS and when I made the regular ds I had to duplicate the amount because it didn't work. So next time I Make this one I'll make the note of making the BDS on the skirt instructions too.

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