Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tea time! and review

Been a little under the weather and feeling blah!  But shopping for tatting always cheers me up.  I got Martha's book a couple of days before arriving to PR and I have been drooling over it.  Not knowing what to do first.

Martha's book is called "Tea is for Tatting", a collection of teapots and cups.  There are 10 patterns using different techniques and there's even a 3-D set.  A must have book definitively!

I made my first 2 teapots.  The variegated color is a weird one.  It's called "Marble" by Lizbeth #20.  I like the thread, even before the recall (I didn't mind the extra twisting) and when I got some tatting money a couple of weeks ago I got severals, but this will be another post.  

The one on the right has a ring less and it's all crooked.  I didn't noticed the mistake until I finish it and wanted it to lok "straight".  But it's a cute teapot, kinda ike the ones you would find in Alice in Wonderland's Tea Party.  :-)  NOW I have the "Unbirthday Song" on my head!  lol  

I think the next teapot to tat will be the "famous"Antique Rose Set.  everyone is tatting that one because is so pretty!  And I found a dusty rose Opera #20 that I'll use for it and will frame the set for mom.

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TattingChic said...

Hi Wally! Isn't Martha's new book, fun!? That is so sweet that you plan on tatting that set for your Mom! I look forward to seeing that Antique Rose set realized in the dusty rose thread! Thanks for the cute vid. I love the Mad Tea Party! So funny! What a perfect vid for the tea pot post! :)


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