Sunday, April 5, 2009

Extreme Tatters Round Robin - Camille

I signed to the Extreme Round Robin a while ago. I forgot to post about it. But here is what I made for Camille, who is my 1st partner.

This is a button I made when I was with the button fever, thanks to Jane. lol The pattern will be available later. The thread looks pink but I think it's the reflection from the flash. It's white, with silver bugles and pink glass seed beads. I love this pattern. Pretty quick to do too.

This one is a mini doily I called "Faerie's Ring". I need to re-tat this one for the upcoming book of "Wings for Hope". If you notice the outer repetition looks like little faeries. I'm thinking in using different colors to "pop" more the design. So now you have a little preview of the upcoming book. ;-)

Here is the photo of everything I sent to Camille.


TattingChic said...

Wally, those are both absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Anyone would be incredibly lucky to get a piece of tatting from you!!! I am really falling in love with that Fairy Ring Doily! It is BEAUTIFUL! Just breath-taking!!

Bonnie said...

Getting to see pretty buttons like the one you made would give me button fever too. "Faerie's Ring" is lovely as well. Glad to hear you arrived at your mother's home safe.


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