Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pink Bunny

My sister Letty has the cutest goddaughter. We call her "gandulito" (little pigeon pea). She's almost 2 years old and so pretty! Mom bought some t-shirts to decorate and now that I'm here she want me to tat the decorations instead of buying them. Last night I made (for the umph time) Mark's Bunny. I used a darker pink DMC Petra #8. I think it looks cute but mom think that the bunny is not very clear. May be a heart will look better. *sigh* What you think? The bunny will have a ribbon tie on the neck. Also I'm making a simple rings and chains edging for the neckline and probably the edge of the sleeves.

Here is Rosenelly. She's bigger now but this photo is so darn cute!!!


Maggie Dragonmoon said...

Rosenelly is adorable! I think the bunny is cute too. It will make a nice, unique decoration on the t-shirt.


Krystle said...

I like the bunny! it gets my vote.

Miranda said...

Looks like a bunny to me. What's not clear about it? It will be cute with a ribbon around its neck, and maybe a bead or small button for an eye.

Valerie said...

i think the little 'pigeon pea' will love the bunny! it's pink and it's cute! perhaps more bunnies?


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