Monday, May 18, 2009


I have been member of Ravelry for awhile but I didn't have time or I just forget to go and check the site around. Last night I couldn't sleep so I went to check the site. I had a blast checking patterns and projects. Now I have like a dozen of projects in queued and already making a few. These are the ones I finished last night.

This rose is by June Gilbank and the pattern is here. It's a super easy flower. Took em around 20 minutes and most of the time I used it to sew the rose into form. I used Peaches & Cream in Peppercorn color. I bought a big cone for a gift I made for my sister Letty last year and I still have plenty of it left. So I'm using it for several projects.

This cute small bag is something I made today. It's a pattern by Ivory Herman and can be found here. The bottom measures around 4-5 inches diameter. I need to cut a piece of cardboard to put at the bottom so it can give some support. Took me like 1 hour to make.

Now I'm thinking what to do next. May be some crochet barefoot sandals... Or may be a corset belt. Those are fashionable now in PR. I have an idea of making one in tatting. But not sure who will like to use it. I don't know any goth youth. Naida is in GA again and she's not in contact with goths anymore. Let see what results.... Also have an idea of fingerless mittens in tatting.

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