Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Public Apologize

I want to publicly apologize for a mistake I made a few days ago. I posted on my Etsy the barefoot sandals for sale without asking permission from the designer for it. I always ask permission to a designer when I'll sell something that is not my design but last week having migraines and asthma constantly it slipped from my mind to ask permission.

I, myself, am a designer and I know how it feels when someone post some of your own work without permission or without giving credit. I don't pretend to imitate anyone either. I think I have my own style and those of you that have my books can notice my tatting style.

Anyway, I already sent a short apologize to the designer and it won't happen again.

On another note... The Etsy shop is not doing well anyway so I will close it at the end of May. All the inventory on the shop, the sales will go completely to the LFA. I'll keep the free webshop.

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~Heather~Johnston~ said...

Dont give up on your etsy shop this fast. It took me quite awhile to have a sale on mine, these things take some time. On the other matter, its understandable we all make mistakes. I am sure the other designer isnt too miffed at you :)
Chin up girl!


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