Monday, May 18, 2009

What a day! Tatters recycling!!!

In the Online Tatting Class awhile ago there was a small contest by Mary Maynard. I was one of the winners. But I totally forgot about it until today. I received this cute little box and what a joy when I opened it. It was from Mary.

Inside I found a couple of lovely balls of Anchor #40 in pink and light orange. I like how both colors look together so I'll plan to tat something with both of them. Also several balls of #80 Star and Lilly. Cool shades! But the star of the pack is the picot gauges that Mary made from a recycle bottle of soda. They are really cool! The sizes are from 1/4" to a 1 1/4". Great idea to recycle bottles. Thanks so much Mary!!!

Also I received a great surprise from Venezuela!!! One of my Latin tatter friends, Nancy Hung, sent me these shuttles made by her. Also recycled. She used phone cards to make them. She send me a card so I can make picot gauges.

Isn't it great?! Tatters not only make beautiful laces but also recycle and help the planet. I will be playing with my new toys today. Now I need to find a pattern. Oh wait! The online class is in a few minutes! There I will find the pattern. lol

Thanks girls!!!

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