Monday, June 29, 2009

Decorated Canvas Tote

I'm still in the long road of recovery and healing, but a few days ago there was enough "sunshine" for me to work in this canvas tote. I got 3 of them at a local fabric/crafts/etc shop. They were super cheap and came with a set of fabric markers and 2 stampers (leaves and a flower). I got 3 of them because as soon as I saw them, they screamed decorate me!

I stamped the leaves and paint them witht he markes and draw some stems. Then I tatted some decorated buttons that look like flowers and added a cute button butterfly.

I think it needs something else, but I can't get what is missing. May be some grass? Or more butterflies? Could you help me with ideas?

Also I got a cool set of 20 colors of Sharpies (permanent markers). They are supper cool! I have been painting the clear buttons I got a couple of months ago and also painting my tatting. Yes, painting already finished tatted items. This opens a great creative window. Can you imagine that you need something in an especific color and you don't have time or the money to buy the thread or to dye it. Then paint it with a Sharpie! lol
Here I used white thread for the rings and pink for the chains. I painted the picots. The colors bleed a little because I wanted them to be very dark. But I love the way it looks!!! The button was also painted with the Sharpies.


TattingChic said...

I love how you decorated that bag, Wally! I have to admit I don't like a lot of "embellishment" I see when people just haphazardly stick a piece of tatting on something. I really like what you've done here! It's very artfully done and I can tell you put a lot of thought into it. I think when tatting is mixed with other mediums (like the stamps here) it always looks so much better!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am glad you are feeling good enough to get the order sent off! Woo HOO to feeling better, aye? OH, what is an "ARK" that you mentioned? It looked like an acronym for something that I am not familiar with.

Bonnie said...

Your bag is super cute! I like your creativity with the colored sharpies. Great idea.

Fox said...

Very creative - and pretty! Hope you feel better soon. : ) Fox

***Jon**** said...

Salam Wally, I'm glad you are feeling better.
The bag is beautiful, looks so cheerful. I don't know if I want to add anything more. Hmmm ... would a rainbow somewhere add to its cheerfulness?

Suzanne said...

The canvas tote is adorable! A bit of grass in the lower left corner might round it out and give the butterfly something to hover over. You could use the Sharpies to sketch in a few blades of grass.

The effect obtained by using the Sharpies on just the picots is very cool. I think you are onto something with this. Well done!

wickedtats said...

The bags are lovely wally. Where did u get them? Maybe I might try and get one if and when I go to PR. Planning for this Xmas!


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