Sunday, June 28, 2009

Uses of SSSR

Lately there have been a lot of discussions about the SSSR (Single Shuttle Split Ring). I learned the technique through Bina, Dora Young and Karey. Three very different ways in achieving almost same results. But what is this technique good for? Apart of making split rings with a single shuttle I have been using it to climb up from a round to another in a work with 2 colors, obtaining the one color split ring, like Tatting Chic explained and Jane Eborall diagrammed.

Another use for this is to make split rings alternating colors. This works better if you have a Pelc or double bobbin shuttle. It can be worked with 2 shuttles but prepare to be patient because you have to use the shuttles together and then separate them often.

Other use for the SSSR is to hide ends without having to cut the threads and then use a needle to sew them or to use the Magic Thread. This way you are encapsulating both ends into the last ring, if the work finish in a ring. I'm working in a similar way to end the chains; but not good results until now.

I have lost a lot of photos where I used this technique, so during the week I'll be working on the samples again. *sigh* At least it gives me a push to tat.

A note apart... Thanks to everyone who have wished me well and sent prayers. The last MRI shows no problem on the bone. That is a good news on that side, because it means that I won't need a hip replacement soon. But there's still the mystery of what is causing the pain, some days so bad that I can't get out of bed for long time. Now I will have to go to a neurologist to see if it's a problem with the nerves. OF one thing the rheumatologist is sure; the Lupus is causing all the bad aches and symptoms. Mean while I'll keep taking Percocet to diminish the pain and "Happy Pills" to combat the depression.

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