Thursday, June 4, 2009

What do you do when life gives you buttons?

Yesterday was "payday" and I told mom to get some canvas totes we saw a couple of weeks ago for $3.99 with markers and stamps to decorate and some bags of buttons. I saw this cute bags with tons and tons of buttons. Gosh! All of them shiny and pretty. Who can resist them? Not me, that's for sure! Each bag have over 300 buttons of all shapes, colors, sizes; with 2 or 4 holes and some with shanks. I got a pastel-tone bag and a clear tone bag. Aren't they amazing! So I went happy with my booty home. How much I spent in buttons? Ahem... Just a mere $12. But I deserve this treat. Buttons make me happy. lol Okay, now I'm being silly. So now... What to do with so many buttons?

Make flowers, of course! The brown caramel buttons are from a previous pattern I made. The 2 variegated ones and the pink are designs I made last night. The browns are for a t-shirt mom wants to decorate (still need to make 7 more) and the other 3 are going to decorate one of the canvas tote bags that I bought yesterday. I already paint one with the leaves and stems. Just need to make 2 or 3 more and sew them. I think I can finish one tonight and will take a photo.

Patterns for the flowers will come soon. I'm also making some butterflies. A few of patterns are on my web site.


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

You deserve shiny buttons! I'm glad to see them put to such good use! Keep up the good work.

Bonnie said...

Your tatted buttons are very pretty. I have quite an assortment of buttons as well, I wish I could figure out how to incorporate them into my tatting. Nicely done.

Sally Kerson said...

Can't belief that no one has commented on your flowers, they are so pretty. I just love tatting with beads and buttons and seeing those bags of buttons just gives me a real thrill - thank you for sharing.

lebasi aneres said...

Mujer,no me seas mala,y hazlo tambien para las pobreticas analfabetas de ingles..... con el traductor,no le saco toda la sustancia, seas niña mala, que te dejo otro mes sin chocolatitos,jajajajajaja......besiños


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