Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lovely pack!

In my Spanish-speaking group we're doing a thread exchange and I got mine already. Wow! This came from Venezuela, from Maria Montilla. She not only sent me the thread's samples but she made 3 shuttles and wrapped the thread on them. The thread on the yellow shuttle is a Colombian thread, kinda like a #20. The thread on the white shuttle is a Coats like a perle #5. and the purple shuttle has a Colombian/Venezuela thread like a #30. Really lovely the postcards that she also included. Can't wait to use the threads. But for now I'm just taking a rest from tatting *sob* because I have a dental infection and need to take painkillers every 4 hours so I sleep most of the day and the rest just feel like a zombie. Yesterday I only made 3 repetitions of a very simple collar. What would have taken me only minutes took like an hour. Oh well... At least looking at the pretty shuttles make my day a brighter one. Thanks Maria!

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Art by JoyMac said...

Hello Wally,
Long time no speak but I am so sorry that you are a lot of pain with that dental infection and hope that you will soon feel better.
Love your work so very much
Joy in OZ


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