Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tatted Girl Collar

Last week I so busy helping my mom take care of 8 children as a part of a Presbyterian Minister's Convention here in PR that I couldn't be online and much less tat, because I arrived home so tire! But this week I started in a good mood for tatting, now that my hands don't hurt too much. :-)

So I made this collar that Renesmee is modeling. She loves it! It's a pattern from a Russian booklet; but I have seen variations of it in old books. The collar was going to be only white, but when I reached the 2nd row I noticed that I didn't have enough white thread to finish it so I added pink for the chains. Then to make it even I added a round of chains around the neckline in pink. So the collar looks like it was written in that way. ;-)

I used #10 thread and the neckline measures 12 inches and it's 2.75 inches wide. It's now on my ArtFire if you want to see more photos or you if would like to have it.

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TattingChic said...

That collar is very sweet!


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