Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hmm... Which one will be mine for my BD?

My first 40th BD is near and I'm thinking in giving myself a very nice gift because I deserve it! lol So what better gift than a shuttle or two. I was looking at the Houtz Bro site and they now have some resin shuttles that are gorgeous!!! The silver ones are awesome too. But this one caught my eyes and I think this is the one!

Isn't it gorgeous?! Of course that I would like also a wood shuttle (love purpleheart and cherry wood) and their 3rd book.

I'll keep looking for shuttles but I think I have the winner. Now I hope that my BD doesn't arrive with a red line on the bank!

Or if anyone knows a BD Fairy that grant wishes tell her that I love shuttles and threads. I'm not very picky. lol

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❦TattingChic said...

Happy upcoming 40th Birthday, Wally! I like your idea of giving yourself shuttles for the big day. I think I've done it myself a time or two! ;)
Looking forward to seeing what sort of tatting stash you give yourself for your B-day!


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