Thursday, December 31, 2009

A new year full of tatting already

Isn't this cute!!! Two of the Spanish-speaking Tatting group made it as a gift to all of us. I find it so cute that I want to show it to you too. It says in Spanish "Happy New Year 2010". They made it without noticing that our Monthly challenge of January was going to make things allusive to the New Year. So I told them that this was going to qualify for the challenge.

During this year the group has grow a lot. We now have over 1285 members. Not all of them as active as I would like but there are a lot of people learning and sharing their work. It's so good to see that the Hispanics are embracing tatting as well as other laces. We even have a new group project that is gigantous! We are going to translate the whole book of Priscilla No. 3. Can you believe it? Well, at least the projects are going to be redone and the patterns written in Spanish. They'll be posted on the web weekly. The first project will be post on January 11 and the last on December 13.

I choose this one: Tatted Centerpiece made with Needle and Shuttle. Very appropriate as my web site has the same name. :-) I won't be making it all as in the photo. But I'll make the grape and leaves. I'm thinking like making a big leaf and then over it a cute small bunch of grapes and frame it. I started to read the instructions and it seems that the grapes are me in two at the time using a combination of the needle tatting and using the needle as a shuttle. This is something I haven't done in years, so it will be a great challenge. But I have plenty of time. This pattern will be posted by August. :-)

This is my last post of the decade. So Happy New Year to all!


❦TattingChic said...

Hi Wally! Your group members did a great job on that tatted Happy New Year Greeting in Spanish! How sweet!
That tatted piece is gorgeous! Where did you find such a piece? It's amazing!
Hope the year Twenty-Ten brings you many Happy Days of Tatting and feeling better!
~TattingChic ♥

christy said...

hello, is good to know that you liked Wally, thanks to share this on you page



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