Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New threads

Mom and I went to a dollar shop near our home and browsing around found this thread. It comes in cones of a whooping 6000 yds! The thread is a poly-cotton mix. But what attracted it to me was the price of $3.00 :-) The size is similar to a #40 or #50. I already tatted something with it and it tats nice. The only thing, like with any polyester thread, is that I need to hav my hands really dry or the rings won't close.

The only ID the threads has is this sticker inside. There are on the shop plenty of these cones but only in the 2 colors that I got. A few months ago they had black but I couldn't get it at that time. :-(


Jane Eborall said...

Ooooh, that's a LOT of thread. Good buy.

H J said...

Hello Wally,
The manufacturer, American & Efird, is located in Mount Holly, North Carolina, not very far from where I live. North Carolina used to be a very large textile-manufacturing state, until the last few years when most manufacturing went overseas. I don't know how many of their products are still of USA manufacture. I will ask Teresa Woods (Palmetto Tatters Guild) what she knows of this manufacturer, as I believe this is also not very far from where she lives.
The site is
Best regards,

Needledreams said...

Hi Hegla! That's a very interesting fact. Thanks so much. If you or Teresa get some more info of their products, if they are still around I'll appreciate.


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