Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanks Aileen

Awhile ago, Aileen (wickedtat) had a giveaway. As usually I participated and then forgot. I really don't have luck for giveaways. But this time I was lucky. I chose the 1st prize. A cute bag! I was in need of a tatting bag. The color is like a salmon peach and inside is a gorgeous purple shade. It's decorated with beads strands outside and a few beaded picots on the top.

As soon as I opened it there was this cute card saying Congratulations.

But, what was inside? A lot of shinny, jingling and nifty things!

There is a bobbin with a big sample of a variegated thread in blues and white. Size seems like a #40. Love it!!!

Then, there was this cute small scissors. I'm always misplacing them. So this one has a pouch to keep it safe.

Also inside were 4 bags of sequins! How she guessed I like sequins? ;) The colors are all like sparkling in red, silver, black and an oily blueish green. Already have in mind what to do with them.

And last, a great sample of charms, cabone rings, coins and the tiniest jingle bells I've ever seen. Really cute!!!

This for sure has lifted my spirits! After been in bed for a few days with some "new" pains. Now I have some new toys to play with.

Thanks a lot Aileen and hope to see you in PR soon!


❦TattingChic said...

Congratulations on your giveaway prize! THat bag is beautiful! The goodies she slipped in there are so pretty! Enjoy your new toys!

Sally Kerson said...

Congratulations - Aileen is indeed generous I was also lucky enough to be a winner and my prize is at the moment winging its way to me via my son who lives in Singapore.

singtatter said...

Hi Wally, congratulations on your win! Hope you are feeling better already.

I have not heard from you these few months if you have received the Round Robin tatted goldfish motif I sent to you end of March. And we are also wondering if you send your motif too, as if you have, it has not reached me. Hope to hear from you soon :)

Regards, Ellen


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