Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can you help me achieve my dream?

I have been talking a lot about my plans for Bariatric Surgery. This is something I need to help my health, it's not purely cosmetic. Several of my doctors have recommended it and even went to my 1st evaluation but I can't make it here in PR. I was looking several options and I receive answer from West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. Medicare covers the surgery and my secondary insurance covers Medicare's deductible. But for transportation, stay and special diet I will need around $2000. From those I need $500 at the end of August for the 1st evaluation (ticket, stay and food).

Before I start reading comments about diet, supplement and miracle cures, let me just say this. I have Lupus and actually is active. I have been visiting professional nutritionists for years and though I loose some pounds, I regain them again because of some medicines I take. I can't take natural supplements that boost the immune system because that's exactly the problem with Lupus. My immune system is over reactive and things like that make it worst. And to end, there's no miracle food, ,diet or nothing that will cure you or make you loose all the weight miraculously. In my case the last resort is surgery after a lot of alternative that my own doctors have tried with me. This is not only surgery, but a total change in my lifestyle, thus I have a medical team of 8 doctors, including surgeon, hematologist, nutritionists, psychiatrist, physical therapist, etc. Even a spiritual counselor.

I really don't like to keep asking people for money. But because I can't work in a regular job, all I can do is tat and see if people buy some of my work.

Can you help me? Prayers and donations are greatly accepted!

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