Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh no! Another hobby?

Well, it's not completely new. I learn quilling I think at the same time as tatting. But as with everything else, I stop because I couldn't find materials. Lately I have seen on Annie's Attic about the new sets of quilling and bug bite me again. :-) So I got my set out and started playing again. I found on E-Bay really cheap supplies and got some paper strips. Here is something I did a week ago. It's my first 3-D project. A little flower pot with some flowers and a blue bird singing. Cute, eh? Just free-style. I didn't follow any pattern for this one. I have other photos but will post them on an album and share the link.

I'm looking forward to incorporate tatting and quilling into the same project. Let see what can I come with!


shannon_in_love said...

Have you looked at wiki? they have a very cool lion on there

tattrldy said...

Beautiful! I'm looking forward to your project of both quilling and tatting. I'm betting it will be pretty wonderful.

Martha said...

So cute! I don't think I've seen 3D quilling before. I love the look of quilling. I made some a long time ago.


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