Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lovely lunch with Aileen

Guess with whom I met? With the famous "Wicked Tat" from Singapore. Isn't it cool? Aileen has been visiting Puerto Rico to see her "better half" and I called her to see if we can meet at Heirloom's in Caguas. Heirloom's is a cute LYS that I often visit to buy some threads and go gaga over the embroidery sewing machines. My dream is to have a awesome embroidery machine, one that goes over $700 and does almost everything with just the touch of a button. But unless I find the elusive Birthday Fairy or win the Lotto jackpot I'll keep dreaming.

In the photo from left to right is mom, Aileen and me.

Anyway, to our surprise, the shop was close. Today is holiday (Epiphany Day or Three Kings Day) and most of the places close the day before and probably tomorrow too. So instead of spending the lunch at the shop gazing threads we went to a nearby restaurant to eat Puerto Rican food. Aileen loves "Mofongo" :-) That's a ball of mashed green platains with a lot of garlic and bits of friend pork skin bits. I get mine often without the pork. We talked a lot and laugh and we exchange some gifts even. I wasn't expecting anything but Aileen surprised my with a small bag full of goodies.

Aren't they cool! I got threads, page ups, a wood needle case, keyrings and magnets from Singapore, a teddy puncher, the cutest and smaller folding scissor I've seen, a chinese knot keyring and one of Eileen's paper clip of a butterfly in a pretty variegated blue. Ah, there's a bag hanger that will be used a lot! I'm all the time throwing my bag on the floor! :-p

Though the time was short, we spent a very lovely lunch. Tomorrow Aileen is returning to Singapore. I wish and hope one day I can return the visit to her. Thanks a lot dear!


Sally Kerson said...

Thank you so much for blogging a picture of Aileen, its great to see her. Sounds like you had a lovely time together, pity about the shops being closed though because of Epiphany.

***Jon**** said...

How wonderful to meet another tatter from across the sea.

❦TattingChic said...

How fun to meet up with another tatter! You guys have met up before when you were both in PR, right?

Wow, she really spoiled you with all that nice stuff. It's great that you can use it. The purse hanger is something I think about getting one all the time, but I haven't yet! Anyway, what is the blue stuff in the clear box. It looks like four blue or aqua blue things (depending on your looks aqua blue on my monitor)? What are they?
Have fun. Hope you are feeling better today.
~TattingChic ♥

Bonnie said...

It looks like you ladies had a great time together.

Needledreams said...

The blue/aqua small bubbles are page ups. They have a slit on top where you put the paper and it stands alone. So you can read it while working on the computer or in our case, tatting. They are pretty nifty!

❦TattingChic said...

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! Now I see that they are those things. Thanks for the explanation, Wally!

wickedtats said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the gifts Wally and what you gave me was even greater =). Thanks for the enjoyable afternoon. Do drop me a line if you're intending to come to Singapore!


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