Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bad Evil Picot

Dang! I spent the whole day doing this small motif. It's not that is difficult but because today was so hot, my hands were too sweaty and couldn't tat fast. Also I'm still with the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and have to stop frequently to rest the hands. The motif is from the 2nd book of the Gr8 Shuttle Bros. I used perle #8 and it's like 3 inches and was going to place it on a bangle when I noticed the bad evil picot! GRRRR.... What should I do? Do I cut it? Do I just ignore it? See how it's looking at you with a big grin? Bad, bad evil picot!

I think I'll do tomorrow another one. *sigh* That is if the weather is not very hot and my hands are not so painful so I'm able to tat.

1 comment:

Martha said...

take that bad picot, fold it to the back and glue down. Hope your hands feel better tomorrow.


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