Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hairpin lace and Tatting Hairband

I love to work with Hairpin Lace and it's been awhile since I did anything on HL. This month on my Spanish Tatting group the challenge is to work with HL and combine it with tatting, or make the imitation of HL in tatting (pearl tatting, SR with long picots, etc). So I took out my HL loom, a Clover HL loom, which I adore!; and made a little headband.

It's a pattern that I worked years and years ago but I made at that time into a bracelet. Now I used thread #10 and made it into a headband. It's almost 3 inches wide. The ties are "rice" stitches in crochet to tie it on the back on a bow. This one will be a gift but I'll put others on my shop.

1 comment:

TattingChic said...

Wally, that is very pretty! You are so amazingly talented! :)


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