Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sequined Ornament

After recuperating from the bad evil picot I started another. BTW... The previous motif is recuperating fine after surgery to remove the evil picot. lol

This time I decided to place silver sequins to the points and then decorate in the same way the bangle. I really like how it looks and mom too. Now she wants a dozen of them for her Xmas tree. *rolling eyes* I already place this one for sale and will be making more of them because it works pretty fast, even if I have to take more rests often.

You can find it at ArtFire.

Do you know that you can sell completely free, without having to pay posting at ArtFire? Check it out here.


wickedtats said...

Very pretty Wally! Do you get the craft bangle in PR?

Sunela said...


This is a very pretty ornament. Is it your own pattern or someone else's? I would like to get a copy.


Regina said...

Adorei conhecer o seu Blog...

Lindos motivos, mas parecem tão difíceis. Gostaria de aprender.

Vc ensina???



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