Saturday, July 4, 2009

More buttons!

Yesterday I spent another full day out of the house making some errands for a new medical insurance. The one I have now chenged a lot of the medicines policies and I ended spending over $300 in medicines per month plus my cholesterol medicine (the only one that worked fine with me) was taken off the medicine list and I won't pay $5.50 per pill!!!! So even if I have to change doctors and may be pay a little more for doctors visits I will gladly do it if I can save that money in medicines. Anywya.... After going here and there getting documents I need for the change I told mom I wanted to buy more buttons. She gladly did it. I was thinking she was going to scream "More buttons? You already have thousands of them!" lol She didn't scream to me, just looked at me like I'm from another planet, but I know she pleased me because at least I was out of the house walking. This morning I woke up with the complementary pains after a long walk, but nothing that half percocet and an ultracet won't take care off.

So I got my 2 bags of pretty and shinny buttons. This time a set with brown tones and the other bag with blues/lime green/purple buttons. They all look so pretty! Each bag is 250 grams, that's like a 1/2 pounder, right? I'really suck converting metric to English. lol

Also got this Petra ball in a very pretty and bright green that complements the green buttons. Petra is my favorite thread to buy while I'm in PR. It comes in #8 and #5 and for less than $4 per 100 grams balls I get very happy with this thread! Comes in a lot of pretty colors too. Only solids, but now that I can paint my threads with Sharpies I will experiment and make a variegated thread myself. :-)
This 4th of July I won't go out of the house. Mom already went to the beauty salon and left me here at home. So I'll spend the day watching the marathon of "Twilight Zone" at SciFi channel and tatting some buttons bracelets, headbands and flowers. See ya later. Enjoy the picnics and BBQs if you are having them.

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H J said...

Blessings and good health to you, Wally. Take good care of yourself.


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