Saturday, January 16, 2010

Closing Time

I'm tire right now and the situation with the health insurance, the lack of medicines and a HUGE personal problem with an ex is making me more tire. After years of going up with my treatment, the fact that I stop it so briskly have taken me back to almost the beginning, when I was diagnosed with Lupus and Depression.

I'll close all my online shops at the end of the month. Will not consider any other site. Last time I made a sale was in October and was for a package of the belly dancing gold colored coins. Haven't sold a single shuttle nor anything tatted. This take a lot of time also. So from now on I'll only tat for pleasure and if someone ask me to tat something, which I doubt since have been years that I have made a custom order.

Will keep blogging and posting a design now and then; as will continue writing the Frivolite Newsletter in Spanish.

So if you want something from the shops before I close them here are the links for the last time:



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