Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Woven Friendship Bracelets

I haven't post in a few days because I got in a frenzy to tat these bracelets. Yes, they are bracelets. Very easy to do with striking results. The idea is from Jane Eborall's Frienship Bookmark where the center is a woven braid of split rings. This one I made it a little different.

I first made a whole strip of Split Rings, 15 in total. Then I started another strip but before closing the ring I inserted the one already made, front to back. Then made the second SR and moved the inserted strip back to front. I continued in this way until all the first strip was woven with the second one. To tie the band I left around 6 inches of thread at the beginning and end of each strip. Then tied an over-hand knot using both strips end and voila!

I have made like 15 of them and has like a dozen on the process. I was hoping that the ICP (Puerto Rican Culture Institute) call me for the San Sebastian Street Fest but they didn't. So I'll place a few on my shop and see if they sell. My sister Naida asked me one in pink and burgundy long enough for her to hang her PSP Go on the neck. So when my shuttles empty with the threads they have now, then I'll start her strip.

I don't know if the pattern and idea is original enough for me to write the pattern. If people think it's okay then I'll write the pattern and post photos of how-to.


wickedtats said...

I think they're awesome Wally. I was so thrilled by mine and was wondering how you did it!

Paula C. said...

Wow! These are very pretty! I would love if you could write the instructions because I would like to try to make one. Thank you =)

H J said...

Really REALLY pretty! What thread did you use? They are so lovely.
And yes, please could you write the instructions? Paula C and I will be very happy!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Wally! Not only are these bracelets a cool idea, but the photo is visually stunning! The 'OXO' pattern is a common design in Fair Isle knitting (as in ski sweaters) , and at first glance I thought I was looking at a segment of a knitted sweater!

Also, these 'strips' could make attractive embellishments on clothing, or on felted handbags.

Congratulations on coming up with yet another modern use for tatting!


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