Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Swedish - Chilean Cat!

Have been a "blah" kind of week. It's not fun to discover that for my first 40th BD I'll be on the red again. Nothing new here. But this time is more stressful because of the problem with my meds and the health insurance. *sigh* But I won't go there again...

Anyway, arrived from Walmart just now and when I went to check if Netflix sent my movies I found an envelope from Sweden! WOW! BTW... No Netflix yet. :-(

Inside the envelope came a nice card with this cutie pie inside. It's from Isa @, one of my students from the Spanish Tatting Group in NING. Isn't it cute? I love it!!!! It's a felt oval with a stylish cat and around a dainty edging in silver thread with black beads. It measures like 2 inches tall. This surely makes the rest of the night a bright one!

Thanks so much Isa!!!!

Now to my corner...


wickedtats said...

Lovely! How lucky you are and looks like you did a great job teaching her!

Jane Eborall said...

That's so cute. Sorry about the red bit, though. I've been sticking Ring of Tatters bookmarks this past few days and your dear little butterflies are all used up now. The sequin ones. I'm going to make some with the sequins you sent me cause they're SO cute.


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