Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Tatter and the Omega - Based on a True Story

In a far away little island there lives a crafty Queen, known as NeedleDreams. She spends her day doing little knots. Knots that transformed, as with magic, into beautiful things. But the Queen was a little sad. Because all her work were starting to lack something. Colors! Lately she noticed that all her works were the same color: white; and this was making her depress.

"Oh, if there where some colors in my little knots I'll be happy!" thought the Queen. Then one day the Queen had a visit from a far away friend and told her that she found out that there was a place where they do have colors. Both of them went to this place and came with a bad news. The place indeed had colors once but now it was running out of them and they were not going to get more because the producer of the magical colors was dieing.

Oh, poor Queen! What she was going to do when all the colors fade and she was left with only white?She returned to her kingdom and consulted with her court. The also make knots and they could tell her where to find the colors. One of them, a fairy from a nearby land, told her that she lives near the Great Wizard of Colors: Omega! She assured the Queen that he was not dieing and that she will find some colors for her Queen.

Days passed and the Queen was getting more depress and even stop making pretty knots. She was out of inspiration and her upcoming birthday was near. The Queen always gifted to her followers with a nice pattern of knots. But this year, lacking of colors, she didn't have the inspiration. Then when she thought that the fairy forgot about her a royal ambassador came with a treasure chest. The poor Queen's heart started to beat fast.

"Could it be...?"she say, her voice trembling and hands shaking as she approached the chest. Oh yes!!! It was! Inside she found a pyramid and a river of colors! Shinny colors! Brilliant colors! Colors as the sky, as the flowers, as the rich earth and jewels.

The Queen was so happy! Now she can make her pretty knots again; knowing that she would not be afraid of loosing her colors again because the fairy will always be near her when she needs more colors.

Top photo: Pyramid: Omega #20 , Skeins: 1-4 Acetato "La Abuela", 5 &6 Rayon Perle (#5) "La Abuela"

Thanks to Maria Alcantara from Mexico for the threads. There was a rumor that the Omega thread was descontinued. She lives near the Omega fabric and she even called the company to see if it was true that they were discontinuing colors and threads and they said no. She sent me these ones as a "sample" of the new (at least new for me) line of La Abuela. They even got new products Clover and other names. If you wish to visit their web site is http://www.hilosomega.com.mx/


wickedtats said...

ooooooooo great Wally! Maybe you should tell Heirlooms!

tattrldy said...

What a wonderful story! I am so glad that it had a happy ending I'm a sucker for happy endings:)!
May the Queen have many years of making colorful knots!


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