Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mignonette Fever

I have a confession. I never liked to work mignonette or any other pattern with bare threads. I'm horrible measuring the bare thread without picot gauges and using them slow me a lot. But one of the tatters from Frivolite en Espanol, made a double picot gauge. It's just a plastic gauge folded in half. This permits the gauge stay in place while tatting and you barely have to hold it. Great! I had one of those moments "why I didn't think of that?!" It's really convenient! Here is the video. It doesn't has audio but you can see clearly what she's doing.

Encuentra más vídeos como este en Frivolite en Espanol

So I made a couple of double gauges and made this small doily. Actually is not a doily but a coin purse. It measures around 4 inches wide and I made it with Omega #20 pastel mint green. I'm thinking in making now the purse but in #10. The pattern is from Tatting by Adeline Corset No. 5. Handy Hands newsletter published a few pages. I'm looking if someone has all the book and can share with me the rest of the pages. The book is circa 1916.

I modernized a little the pattern and was able to made it all in one pass with 2 shuttles. Or can be done with shuttle and ball. After making the rosette, cut around 1 yard of thread and it will be enough to go from one round of the mignonette part to the other. Thinking now in adding beads to the mignonette part. So much ideas so little time!!!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous color. I really enjoyed seeing the video. Nicely done!

Krystle said...

Very nice Wally! Have you asked Georgia if the book is in the online archive?

Anonymous said...

Excellent video, Wally. Thanks. Makes the use of the double gauges very helpful. No slippage with the double gauges, I think. Thanks again for posting.
Katie V in NC

***Jon**** said...

Great idea! I don't like working with bare threads myself but this makes it so easy. Thank you for sharing.


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