Friday, March 5, 2010

An itty bitty shopping spree for itty bitty things

I haven't post like, in centuries! This year didn't start very well and I got so depress that lost interest in almost everything. I have told you about the mess with my health insurance and my medicines. Well, thank God that was resolved a few weeks ago. Now I'm with the plan from the government and a complementary insurance and they will approve my medicines.

So this month I wanted to reward myself and went into a little shopping spree today to buy a few small things.

First I got me the cutest Flash Drive. It's a teddy bear. Isn't it cute? It's a 4Gb driver. It comes with a small chain and a plug to place on the body when using the driver, so you don't loose the body.

I also got an external DVR-RW/CD-RW for my netbook. I love this small computer but it's annoying the lack of a DVD rom. Every time I have to transfer to a flash drive or the external HD from mom's pc to mine when I work. So now I can save everything in a CD or DVD and pop it in any computer. Plus now I can see movies laying down in bed.

What else I got? Well, it's not something I bought but more of a contribution. Last week, we had a big run/walk marathon and this year the earns were going to benefit a center for teens and community education called Centro Sor Isolina Ferre. It was like 2 pm when mom and me stop at BK to have lunch. Burger King was one of the sponsors and they were selling these keychains with the form of a tennis. I like to help with these institutions so I got 2 of them. A black one for me and a yellow one for mom.

And to finish the shopping spree I got the tiniest earphones I've ever seen! I'm all the time plug to my iPod and brake the earphones often. So this time I paid a little more and got me these Sony earphones that fit perfectly! My ears are small and common earphone bother because I use them a lot. The white part is the one that goes inside the ear and it's made of a very soft foam. They feel so nice!!! And the most important thing is that I don't have to pump up the volume to hear well.

Well, those where my itty bitty things I got today. To finish the day ina happy mood we went all (sis Letty and her hubby and mom) to the cinema and watch "The Tooth Fairy" with Dwayne "The Rock" (forgot his last name). I enjoy a lot the movie. Who doesn't enjoy a movie with this hunk of a man? lol Don't worry, hubby knows of my "crushes" and he's ok with them.

So now that my mood is a little bit higher I think I'll blog often like in the past. I have been tatting a lot and I have to show a lot. TTFN!


H J said...

!Que alegria oir de ti! Ya era tiempo de que te sintieras mejor. !Que bien!
Si, si, ahora tienes que mostrar toda tu artesania que has creado. Espero verlas pronto.
Un abrazo fuerte de tu amiga,

Karen said...

I've missed your blogging. You always have such interesting blog entries that I either learn from or enjoy seeing. It's so good that you're feeling better and I hope you keep going that direction. Welcome back. Karen


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