Friday, March 12, 2010

FolkArt Spray

This is the spray I used on the crown and basket. After I stiffed them with a mix of 3 parts glue/2 parts water and let it dry for a couple of days I applied 2 coats of this spray. It stiff more than the glue/water mix alone. Doesn't clog the picots, though makes them a little "transparent". Doesn't make it very shiny but the shine is enought to notice it. Also it says that doesn't yellow the crafts. I used in the past a glue/water mix on a crochet project and after a few months the project was yellow. So I hope that the sprays protect the projects of becoming yellow with time.

I bought it at a local Fabric Shop, but I have seen it at Walmart. It cost $7. I'm going to tat some small motifs and use only the spray to see how it stiff without the glue/water mix.

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