Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New toy

I recently lost my trusty hook in a chain that I had with me over 10 years. It was a #12 hook on a wire with 5 lapis azulis beads joined to a keyring. If you have seen me tatting in person you may remember it. You can't imagine how I even cried when I couldn;t find it. It got lost when I went to the Puerto Rican Institute for my demo. :-(

So I was looking to replace it an found this one at Handy Hands. It came today. Boy! The are pretty!!! Will never be the same as my old trusty hook but at least I got new hooks to help me join my tatting and even to bead. It comes with a #6, #10 and #12 hooks and a 0.04mm hook. I have another 0.04mm hook that I was thinking to cut and put in a ring. But now I don't have to do it. :-)

Now I'll place these on a keyring and give it to Chaty Teddy to hold them for me with my scissors and plastic picot gauge. Will take photos of Chaty Teddy later so you can see who is she.

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