Saturday, March 13, 2010

Looking for my Muse

Have you seen it? It usually happens to me that after finishing a big project, like last week crown and basket, then I spent like 2-3 days in tatting limbo. Spend the day browsing the books and photos I have but nothing appeals. *sigh* I know Muse is hidding somewhere and she'll come soon.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a photo I took for the demo at the Puerto Rican Culture Institute and didn't published on the blogs. The doily is a half finished one that I can't remember from where I got the pattern (that's why is not finished). The big baby is wearing a hat, pattern from Sharon Briggs. And the 2 lil babies are wearing a crochet mini hat embelished with tatting.

1 comment:

Fox said...

Nice! Love that tatting is on display!
Fox : )


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