Thursday, March 18, 2010

Onion Roll

Last month I gave a totally new look to my site. I think now it looks more clean and organized. Eliminated a lot of gadgets and left only a few on the 1st page. Plus also it has a neat Contact Me form that send me any comment straight to my e-mail.

So I'm now in the task of writing my patterns back. Most of them are up already. Some still aren't post because I have to get my notebook to write them. It's so boring to have to write numbers and - over and over! Pattern writting is boring, but I haven't time yet to get into diagramming them. Bought a "ruler" of circles and oval to see if I can diagram using pen and paper (old school). But enough rambling...

Georgia was asking via e-mail about patterns that use padded tatting and roll tatting. On my site I got a pair of flowers that are padded and I remembered that I made a motif using roll tatting. I think I never published it. It's from 2007. So this morning I posted it on my site.

It's very simple. I think that if I make the roll part in another color will look neater. To make the roll tatting I kinda use the method that is on Jane's site. Just that instead of "rolling" the stitches after a few, I roll them one after I make it.

Here is the pattern: Onion Roll Hope you enjoy the pattern!


Fox said...

Thanks for the pattern, Wally! It is a really pretty motif and I like roll tatting a lot.
Fox : )

ancolie said...

Thanks for the pattern. Roll tating is new for me, but I'll try it. Thanks for this nice blog.
ancolie from France


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