Monday, March 15, 2010

Lucky Penny

I don't know why people threw their pennies, but mom is sure to pick them! lol She's always finding pennies everywhere she goes. Once I was with her and we found 23 cents scattered on our apartment's parking. Last week she got another lucky penny and when she got in the car she show it to me. "Look a lucky penny of my birth year! Now you can make me a tatted lucky penny frame". I just rolled my eyes and we went through our day. So since that day I have been looking for a pattern that can be use for her lucky penny.

I have been working all this month on the same book of DMC Book of Charted Tatting Desings. Boy! It looks like I'll do all the book! lol So this morning I finished with a bridal garter and the shuttle was still full and browsing the book I came with this motif. It's very pretty and I like the tiny mignonette rings. Here is ho9w it looks with a penny in the center.

Yep, the penny is going to cover the tiny mignonette rings on the center but still looks gorgeous! This is not the penny mom found. I have no idea where she put it. May be is still in the car, so when she arrives from work I'll go and sneak out to hunt for the penny. Then I'll frame all the thing together.

What does she do with all those lucky pennies? Well, when she has plenty of them she exchange them. Sometimes we are short of pennies to buy something and they come to the rescue! So keep throwing pennies so mom can get them. lol

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❦TattingChic said...

You are so funny, Wally! That is cute. I never find pennies anymore. There are men who come and keep our sidewalks and driveways clean and they must find them all when they are sweeping, blowing and everything that they do!


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