Sunday, March 22, 2009

At last my Homework

I signed for the Design Course by Sharon Briggs and then got caught in some many things with my Spanish tatting group that I couldn't make my homework. At last this morning I sat down and I told myself that I was not going to stand up until I finish the homework. They're on the 3rd lesson now! I didn't made the 1st two homework because they're too basic for me, so I jumped to the 3rd one.

Here was my 1st try to the exercise. It didn't work out as planned. When I made the last join it cupped so bad that it was in no way to flatten. So I cut it from the center. But I saved this part because I like how it looks and I know it can becomes a nice motif. So I'll be working this as a new motif.

Here is the final result of the exercise. This one still needs a few tweaks. Just to diminish a ds here and there because it ruffles a little. But I like how it looks. Also I can see it with beads! May be a button in the center? Ideas, ideas!!! I still have a few more versions on the making. This is the kind of challenge that I love to do.


TattingChic said...

Oh, this motif is beautiful the way it is! :) said...

love the first motif...can you make it without the center? It just looks so sharp and icicly (is that a word?). It looks like the snowflakes that fall when it tries to freeze rain. I'm from Canada so I know all about freezing rain. lol, Love it!


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