Monday, March 2, 2009

New pendant and earrings

After a whole day of "bad" tatting I managed to make some things. And above all in black thread! I love the look of black lace. It makes it so elegant and mysterious.

This is inspired in a design by Aga from Poland. I wanted to give the outer round a more flowery look and came with this gradual bead placement. But these beads are a little too big for what I wanted. Anyway I think it looks nice. Will repeat it again with smaller beads. The beads are from a TOHO mix I got in Walmart before coming here to Egypt. Yes, I ransack the beads and floss from the Craft Area before traveling. lol

Then I made these earrings. Also inspired by Aga. I love the design! They are like 1.5 inches. the beads are the same I used on the pendant, copper and gold (the one on the center). I'm in a mood for beaded things so will refill the shuttle and make a necklace set.

Now I have a question for those that sell tatting. Do you make and have an inventory of already made items or you make the sample and tat the item when you receive an order for it? I'm curious to know what others do. Anyway I'll be tatting and "saving" these until I return to PR, because there I'll apply for a small space on the San Juan touristic area. Also I'll apply for the Puerto Rican Cultural Institute. Just to add "fame" to my Licensed Artisan status. :-)


Tattycat said...

I love the motif and the earrings. I'm about in the mood for beads myself.

TattingChic said...

These are very pretty!

Valerie said...

these are very pretty, wally. i like the contrasting orange beads with the green. i think these items will be 'hot'. all the best!


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